Best Apps to Get You Up and Running

By Amanda Seaboch - April 6th, 2020

Working from home can make it hard to want to move. You have everything within an arm’s reach, so why get up if you don’t have to? Even though we’ve been ordered to stay in place, it’s important that we don’t neglect our physical health. If you’ve ever had the desire to learn to run, what better time than now? Get out and about while keeping with social distancing accordances to help break up the work day. Sounds easy enough, right? To let you in on the truth, running is hard. It takes time to build up a tolerance and let your body get used to the motion. Fortunately, there are some incredible apps out there designed with both new and avid runners in mind. Check out these running apps to help you get up and running. But remember, it doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop!

  1. Nike Run Club

This app will be your best running buddy. Whether you’re already an avid runner or just starting out, this app has a feature for you. Their guided runs help you stay focused and motivated. You can choose to follow a range of guided runs even when it’s hard to motivate yourself. Some of their slower paced guides are “Don’t Want to Run Run” and “Running on Empty.” After a long work week, these treks are all you need to put a spring into your step. The app is also great for those with dreams of running races. You can train for a 5k or even a marathon, and the app will help you track your progress. 

2. Charity Miles 

If you need a good reason to run, Charity Miles will help you out. You can choose to walk, run, or bike and make a difference. Charity Miles donates a specific amount of money to a charity of your choosing with every mile you go. After downloading the app and creating an account, you’ll be directed to the charity selection page where you can earn money for charities such as Feeding America, Sight for Kids, and Habitat for Humanity. The app will track your runs and compile all of your runs into one place so you can see how much money you’ve made. Not only will your runs benefit you, but they’ll benefit charity too!

3. Spotify Running

I’m sure Spotify is already your go-to app to fill in the silence while running, but did you know it has specific playlists for your stride? In the ‘running’ genre, you’ll find playlists designed for different BPM as well as various music tastes. The songs on each playlist will have beats that match your BPM when running. The combination results in a smooth run that flows from one step to the next.

4. Zombies, Run 

Are you someone who will only run if someone’s chasing you? With this app, you no longer have an excuse. The interactive app transports you into the zombie apocalypse where you’re a member of one of the few remaining human civilizations. Your job? Run! Collect supplies, rescue those stranded, and try not to encounter a zombie in the process. The app calculates your speed and distance, implanting information about the world you’re in along the way. Fortunately, even though some zombies may get close, you’ll never get infected on a run and have to start back at the first episode. If you run through every interactive storyline, the app has multiple different worlds for you to choose from. On the run from a dystopian dictator or rebel resistance? Get out there and find out!

While it’s important to lie low and practice social distancing, it’s also important that you don’t neglect your physical health. Take this time to learn a new way to move, whether running or not, and consider these apps to help you do it. Your physical and mental health will thank you!

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