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Location Spotlight: Fort Worth

 - February 23, 2024
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If you’re familiar with us, you know we got our start delivering exceptional coworking spaces in Dallas in 2012. Since then, our list of locations has exploded across the greater Dallas metroplex, including McKinney, Plano, and Frisco. But did you know we’re also in Fort Worth? Our mission to create the flex workspace you never want to leave reached across I-30 in the fall of 2017 and we arrived on Crockett Street ready to hit the ground running. We’re happy to report, we did just that!

Seven years later, our Fort Worth location is a thriving, tight-knit community of professionals from various industries, and academics who show no signs of slowing down. Today, we’re looking behind the doors of our Common Desk – Fort Worth location to show a little love to one of our most in-demand spaces.

If you’re a member who’s been curious about our other available coworking destinations, a team of professionals looking for new office space, or a visitor hoping to get a bit of work done amongst like-minded folks on the west side of the metroplex, stay tuned; this one’s for you!

A Walk Through Our Neighborhood

CD – Fort Worth is a 13,000-square-foot coworking community with a loyal member base that’s been with us through thick and thin. Well-established and connected, this one-story space is smack in the middle of Fort Worth’s cherished and sought-after cultural district and boasts easy access to several museums and historical sights. Patrons are a short distance from attractions such as the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, and more. Not to mention, its coveted proximity to the Dickies Arena, which is known for its full calendar of sporting events, concerts, and most notorious of all, the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo. Around here, it’s not uncommon to see our members arrive in the morning dressed in their professional best and waltz out in the evening sporting some of the coolest rodeo ‘fits you’ve ever seen. It’s one of our favorite aspects of Fort Worth and contributes to the rich Western cultural dynamic of the space. Speaking of Western culture, the Stockyards, home to Fort Worth’s twice-daily cattle drive, is 10 minutes north and is a must-see for any new member or visitor of Fort Worth.

CD – Fort Worth takes up residence on Artisan’s Circle, previously known as Crockett Row. The shopping center is loaded with tons of apartments, restaurants, and lifestyle amenities like LA Fitness, F45, coffee shops, and boutiques. Packed with options for a variety of interests, Fort Worth delivers big city attractions while maintaining its hold on southern, small town charm. Professionals and students hoping to cultivate the perfect work-life balance can count on Common Desk to keep them tethered to the businesses and comforts that keep them going, whether they’re in the office or if the weekend’s in session.

Inside, our space is a mix of Western flare and Southern warmth, with industrial architectural elements and open-air, breathable workspaces. Equipped with 7 conference rooms named after districts in Fort Worth, chat booths for breakaway calls, an outdoor patio, and ample shared space, there’s enough room for members and guests to spread out and get to crushing the day’s goals. Did we mention the cowboy mural? At Common Desk, our location designs are heavily influenced by the cities we serve, and what would a Fort Worth coworking space be without a nod of respect to its heritage of hardworking cowboys (and girls)? You’ll have to stop by to see it for yourself!

What’s New at Fort Worth?

Since we’ve been in Fort Worth for some time, you might be wondering, what’s new in our neck of the woods? We caught up with our Community team, Alyssa and Alyssa (yes, you read that right), to hear about what makes the community special in their eyes and to share updates:

“We love that Fort Worth feels like a small-town city. There’s a slower pace to life here, and the people you encounter are approachable and kind. Many of Fort Worth’s values, like patience, concern for your neighbor’s well-being, and genuine connection, overlap with our Common Desk core values, and you can see that reflected in our space. There’s also a diverse crowd of professionals who make up our community, ranging from accountants, software engineers, and construction firms to professionals in the medical field and, of course, tons of students from TCU, UNT, and A&M Law School. For them, our student membership is a hit!”
Alyssa, CD – Fort Worth Community Associate

The space recently upgraded much of its furniture, refreshing seating options and replacing old desks with highly coveted standing desks. The team went on to share that they’re emphasizing partnerships with local vendors in the community to invigorate the work week and support local commerce. From Torchy’s breakfast every Wednesday to Manhattan Project Brewery providing the week’s bi-weekly old-fashioned happy hours, participants can expect pick-me-ups that will brighten their day.

At Common Desk, weekly events are the perfect opportunity for networking and the mental rest that many of us require throughout the day to keep productivity and creativity flowing. Upcoming events include a quarterly chef-catered happy hour, floral crafts, and more.

Want to Check out our Fort Worth Space?

We’d love to have you! Head to our website to book a tour or day pass. Whether you’re curious about coworking, looking to host your next best corporate event, or want somewhere solid to prep for exams, Common Desk has got your back and a cup of hot coffee waiting for you. For now, so long, partner!

Jessica Madden

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