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Common Desk’s Newest Coworking Location is Open in San Antonio at Travis Park Plaza

 - March 5, 2024
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San Antonio, We Made It!

Common Desk is open in San Antonio! After months of cooking up coworking paradise behind the doors of iconic Travis Park Plaza, we’re finally ready to make magic in Alamo City. Located on 711 Navarro Street, this location holds a special spot in our portfolio as it solidifies itself as our debut space in Texas’s second-largest city. While all of our launches are well-loved, there’s nothing quite like breaking ground in an unexplored market, and we can’t wait to serve up exceptional office solutions to the local community. Join us as we cruise through all the juicy details of San Antonio’s newest coworking destination in the heart of historic downtown.

The Location

Common Desk takes up residency on the 3rd floor of the Travis Park Plaza building. This seven-story landmark has stood the test of time since 1970 in a prime area of San Antonio, witnessing years of cultural and economic expansion, and was recently renovated in 2020 to include a refurbished lobby and rest space. The location is Common Desk’s first partnership with LA-based real estate investment firm, Entrada Partners, whose regional offices span across Dallas and San Antonio. 

Overlooking Travis Park, the building offers wall-to-wall windows to let in tons of natural light and is a few blocks from notorious attractions such as the Riverwalk, two parks—Travis and Legacy Park, Hopscotch Immersive Gallery, the San Fernando Cathedral, and a slew of walkable eateries covering a variety of cuisine that’s sure to satisfy any craving. Travis Park Plaza is sandwiched conveniently between San Antonio’s major highways, I-10 and I-37, boasts a fifteen-minute drive from the San Antonio International Airport, and is a close neighbor to business and meeting arenas, like the World Trade Center San Antonio. Not to mention, plenty of boutique and well-established hotels dot the area for any out-of-town visitors. If that wasn’t enough in the way of business, recreation, and play, Travis Park Plaza is surrounded by tons of art galleries, shops, and famous historical sights (did someone say the freakin’ Alamo!?).

Since We’re New Here…

Now that we’ve learned the lay of the land, let’s get to know each other! Our odyssey into coworking began in 2012 in a vibrant and creative neighborhood in east Dallas. From the beginning, Common Desk set out to cultivate people-centric workspaces that professionals, no matter their industry, would love to clock into. Three short years after our flagship location took off, we added a second location southwest of the Trinity River, meeting the unique needs of DFW’s workforce, one neighborhood at a time. We’re thrilled to share that our collection of coworking spaces has grown to include 10 destinations in the DFW metroplex alone, as well as branched into Houston, Austin, and North Carolina since then. 

We pride ourselves on providing intentional, flexible, and communal work experiences and making the workday a blast. Our offerings menu includes conference room and event space rentals, monthly coworking memberships (for the entrepreneur, businessperson, and student alike), and office or suite rentals for both dynamic duos and corporate cadres.

A Preview Inside

Inside Travis Park Plaza, you can expect to find the same warm hospitality exercised in our other markets, as well as perks like complimentary drip coffee, tea, and light snacks, plenty of weekly events that serve as organic networking opportunities, an espresso bar armed with member favorite recipes, a podcast studio, wellness rooms for mothers (or the otherwise sleep-deprived), and beautifully designed spaces meant to lift your spirit and encourage productivity. Speaking of spaces, we’ve roped in our Head of Design, Austin Gauley, to share a bit about the design aspects of the fresh interior.

“Travis Park Plaza is where the modern, professional office meets Common Desk’s characteristic warmth and hospitality. Patrons can expect terrazzo-inspired tiling, modern tambour millwork, built-in planters for tons of lively greenery, and art pieces inspired by the new city we’re proud to call home.” 

Austin Gauley, Head of Design — Common Desk

Become A Member

So, there you have it! Travis Park Plaza is amonth old and it has been a whirlwind of daymaking, fellowship, and goal-crushin’ up on the 3rd floor. We’d love for you to join us! If you’re curious about next steps, we suggest booking a tour or snagging a day pass. Our tours are a focused 30 minutes that’ll take you through the shared space and cover the specific offerings of your interest. You’ll get a chance to see all the magic firsthand, sip a latte on us, and get those burning questions answered. 

If you’d rather skip the tour and dive into a full day of coworking inside our open-air space, our day passes are a breezy $25 bucks for fast WiFi, hot coffee, and plenty of chat booths for breakaway calls. For reference, day passes are a solid option if you’re determining if the coworking rhythms of Common Desk are right for you. 

From here, it’s farewell for us, but we can’t wait to see you soon! For company news and events or simply to stay in the loop with us, keep sharp eyes on our website and social channels. From all of us here at Common Desk – Travis Park Plaza, we’re just getting this productivity party started in San Antonio and hope you’re along for the ride!

Jessica Madden

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