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Looking for your team’s next HQ? We’ve got a customizable, culture-forward office suite with your company’s name on it.


Find a suite in your neck of the woods

Whether you’re a team of 10 or 50, Common Desk has over 100 office suites ranging in size, design, and amenities that can accommodate your crew's flex office needs across Texas and North Carolina.

Our hospitality suites combine creative aesthetics, customizable floor plans, and the highest level of hospitality to create an experience-based workplace that allows your enterprise companies to thrive and focus on what makes their businesses run most efficiently

Top-shelf amenities

We make sure that our hospitality suites come with all the bells and whistles to help your company get the most out of every workday.

Private IT + storage space

Enjoy the private network and a little extra storage space.

Flexible floor plan

So you can make the space your own.

Dedicated kitchen

Stocked with all the things.

Unlimited conference room bookings

No credits needed. Our conference rooms are there when you need them!

Open network of locations

Our members have access to any and all Common Desk locations (the list is growing as you read this).

Bottomless craft coffee

Having our own coffee brand in-house means getting the best cup of joe while you work has never been easier.

Meet some of our suite members

Our enterprise members range from mid-size teams to Fortune 500 companies. Get to know some of the companies who call our office suites home.

Embark started in Common Desk’s original Deep Ellum location, and over the past 7 years, they have grown and expanded locally and nationally– right from their set of offices and suites at Common Desk.

Redfin was one of Common Desk’s original enterprise members. They started in a row of private offices in Plano, then they gradually expanded their North Dallas team into a suite custom-built to fit their needs.

Thought the number 1 retailer in America, Walmart recognizes the importance of placing a new and vital division of its company from within a space that would inspire and attract young talent.

EY is one of the largest professional services firms in the world. They’ve customized one of our enterprise suites in North Austin and now utilize it to house a growing division of their South Texas branch.

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