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Our mission

Common Desk’s mission is to enhance every workday by creating thoughtful moments, human connections, and a sense of belonging– for all. We do this by providing collaborative workspaces and game-changing amenities to professionals of all kinds, and we operate a growing network of coworking spaces and workday brands that are authentically designed to give a sense of workplace belonging. We pride ourselves in having a staff and member culture who make every day at our shared offices noteworthy.


This isn’t just an offering– it’s how we approach everything we do. No matter our job title, we notice, we welcome, we accommodate, we assist, and we put guests and members first.

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Every touchpoint of our business, from the way we serve members all the way to the products we create and the materials we use to build our spaces, is authentic– “of undisputed origin; genuine.”

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We strive to be consistent in experience, but not necessarily in taste. Every Common Desk brand and location has its own flavor, but the experience, no matter the product or the space, is consistent across the board.

Why we exist

Most professionals spend more time with the people they work around than they do with their loved ones. When we aren’t happy at work, other areas of our lives are affected, and employee dissatisfaction at work is at an all-time high.

We believe that both your workspace environment and who you surround yourself with throughout your workweek can make all the difference. Since we first opened in 2012, we’ve seen so many professionals go from hating their job to enjoying it again, all because the context of the above changed when they joined Common Desk.

How we started

Our CEO/Founder, Nick, got his start in commercial real estate, helping companies find the right tenant space. At this point, workspaces were far from collaborative, and the industry was in major need of a cubicle disruption. After discovering the concept of “flexible workspace” on a CRE assignment in 2010, Nick suddenly had a crazy idea– what if office space didn’t have to suck the life out of you? Weeks later, Nick quit his career in CRE to pursue this crazy dream of redefining how professionals experience their workspace, and his vision became a beautiful reality when Common Desk opened its first set of doors in Deep Ellum in October of 2012.

What we create

Common Desk specializes in creating connective, accommodating, and inspiring workspaces that you actually want to show up to day-in and day-out. Every Common Desk coworking space is intentionally and uniquely built with both a neighborhood or building’s personality and founding member characteristics in mind, meaning no two Common Desk spaces are the same. We incorporate local art, intentional design, strategic partnerships, honest materials, curated events, and great people into every Common Desk coworking space, making a heck of a workspace product when it’s all said and done. But we don’t stop with workspace… We also build beautiful coffee shops and kiosks that let anyone experience our passion for hospitality. We power all the above with our custom-built technology, Ellum, to make workdays more thoughtful and convenient.

How we do it

First off, we hire great people. Our brand wouldn’t be anything without the people powering it, and we’re always looking to add more community-focused, hard-working individuals to our team. Secondly, we constantly push the envelope on how our amenities and offerings can change the game of any given workday. Like coffee– we don’t just offer any ‘ole cup of joe in our spaces. We created our very own coffee brand, Fiction Coffee, to ensure that every coffee served in our space or at our flagship store is given with a human touchpoint and genuine hospitality. Wellness is another passion of ours, and we try to incorporate community workouts, sit-stand desks, and treadmill desks in our spaces so that our members can get up and moving through the day. And the cherry on top of all the above is Ellum, our custom technology. Ellum enables our members to connect with our offerings and people at the push of a button, making for the perfect workday secret sauce.

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