Who We Are

Common Desk’s mission is to make days better by creating thoughtful moments, human connections, and a sense of belonging–for all.

Common Desk specializes in creating workspace communities where everyone finds a profound sense of belonging. Through special emphasis on thoughtful partnerships, intentional design, curated events, local art, and great people, we connect our city’s professionals to like-minded workers who know that where they work is just as important as the job they do. We deliver quality workspace products, services, and amenities inside state-of-the-art buildings over meaningful moments, specialty coffee, and unparalleled hospitality. When it’s all said and done, our approach to office solutions results in vibrant business communities that professionals want to return to daily.

Because the majority of workers spend more time with their colleagues than their loved ones, we believe people-focused workspaces are the key to happy professional environments. Our coworking spaces exist to help people enjoy showing up to the office to do what they do best every day of the week.

Since we first opened in 2012, we’ve seen plenty of professionals journey from loathing their jobs to loving them again, all because their daily atmosphere shifted. Come join us and see the Common Desk difference that’s been making days and changing industry norms for the last decade.

Our values


Keep it real

We strive for authenticity in all forms, knowing an honest environment sparks genuine human connection.


Value everyone

We always seek to be respectful, caring, protective, and inclusive of one another.


Serve first

We anticipate the needs of others with a willingness to serve, building community with a spirit of hospitality.


Develop others

We invoke leadership by listening, encouraging, and empowering others to be the best versions of themselves, knowing that success comes when we work as a whole.


Challenge norms

We’re willing to evaluate and re-evaluate all things to eventually arrive at the most efficient and excellent way of executing our work.


Have a blast

We celebrate, enjoy ourselves, and realize there’s more to life than what we’re doing at work.


Do what it takes

We will be proactive, always taking initiative to fulfill needs, make someone’s day, or improve systems.

Our culture

The Common Desk staff strives daily to be energetic, welcoming, tight-knit, and fun. Our staff culture drips from the top down into the culture among our members within our spaces, and it’s the secret sauce to our brand’s overarching success.

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How we do it

We begin by hiring great people. Common Desk knows that we wouldn’t be much without the people who power our spaces. Our teams pour endless hours into inventing thoughtful points of connection that brighten the days of our members and guests and help them plug into our professional community. Next, we constantly push the envelope on how our amenities and offerings can change the game of any given workday. Like coffee, for instance. Each of our Common Desk locations stocks quality, craft coffee and offers a curated menu of beverages to create a seamless, consistent, and warm experience across our coworking portfolio, regardless of physical location in the world. We’re also passionate about the wellness of our members and incorporate opportunities like community workouts and frequent movement (can you say pickleball tournaments?) along with furniture like sit/stand desks and treadmill desks into our locations. Put it all together and you’ve got the secret sauce that powers Common Desk’s success morning, noon, and night.

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How we started

Common Desk’s founder got started in commercial real estate, helping companies find the right tenant space. In the early 2010s, workspaces were far from collaborative and the industry needed a major cubicle disruption. After discovering the concept of “flexible workspace” on a CRE assignment in 2010, our founder suddenly had a crazy idea—what if office space didn’t have to suck the life out of you? One resignation and a few weeks later, Common Desk’s founder set off to pursue the crazy dream of redefining how professions experience their workspace. That dream became a beautiful reality when Common Desk opened its first set of doors in Deep Ellum in October of 2012.

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