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Labor and Rest with Common Desk

There’s nothing like Labor Day weekend to mark the approaching end of summer—kids are back in school, the weather (might)…
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6 Ways to Protect Your Online Workspaces From Anywhere

Since the global coronavirus pandemic, remote work has become increasingly popular and given rise to another professional phenomenon: the digital…
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Why B2B Businesses Should Utilize Coworking Spaces

In case you haven’t heard: coworking spaces are no longer the stomping grounds of solely freelancers, entrepreneurs, and independent workers.…
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Your Guide to Networking in a Coworking Environment

One of the most cited benefits of coworking spaces is how easily it enables you to network in a more…
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How the Common Desk community celebrated Black History Month—in February and beyond

Our team had a ton of fun celebrating Black History Month, finding diverse avenues to explore the impact of Black…
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Common Desk Guide to NTX Giving Day 2021

North Texas Giving Day is here! At Common Desk, we’re lucky to have members in our community who do some…
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How to Brew Great Coffee at Home

If there’s one thing that spending more time at home in 2020 has taught us, it’s the importance of brewing…
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Anti-Racism Resources for You and Your Team

The past few weeks have been nothing short of an awakening for not only American citizens, but also individuals, businesses,…
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Black-Owned Businesses to Support in Texas

If you’re looking for additional ways to take your support of the Black Lives Matter movement further than an Instagram…
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