Our non-negotiables

Respect: Common Desk has always been great at finding commonalities (no pun intended) between people of all kinds and celebrating those shared experiences, but one thing we are committed to growing in is how we celebrate what makes our employees different, too. We strive to respect everyone equally, and we will not tolerate anything less than respectful behavior in our spaces and on our platforms, and we expect the same from our team.

Inclusiveness: Like we said on our About page, we mean it when we say that all types of people are welcome at Common Desk. Whether you’re at one of our coworking spaces, at a company off-site happy hour, or at a Fiction Coffee shop, every person is considered equal by and among our staff, and we will not tolerate any action indicating otherwise. Common Desk is striving to be both a place and a brand that empowers the relationships we build to create space for everyone–no matter their background, age, race, sexual orientation, gender, or job title. We’re committed to making our spaces a stage where all voices can have a chance to grab a mic and be heard.

People of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and non-binary people, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply to work at Common Desk. Common Desk is an equal opportunity employer, and we want our staff to reflect the diversity found in our spaces from top to bottom.

In your application email, please feel free to note which pronouns you use (For example: she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs, etc).

Every single role at Common Desk is integral to the success of this company. We’re really passionate about never getting too big for our britches and not letting one role have domain or prevalence over another simply for the sake of hierarchy or title rank, which is exactly why you’ll see our CEO cleaning bathrooms or launching new spaces on the reg. Every voice at Common Desk has the ability to be heard, and as we continue to grow from a small team to a mid-size company, we’re committed to making sure that even more opportunities for inclusion and idea/thought-sharing exist.

So, what are you waiting for?! Give our positions a look, and if one speaks your language, apply!

Available positions

Do you have a passion for people? Are you a hard worker? Do you enjoy an ever-changing environment, a tight-knit work culture, and being part of a growing team?

Hit the button below to explore our currently available coworking jobs & internships, and if you see one that makes your heart do a little happy dance, apply!


Don’t see what you’re looking for?

We’re growing fast, and we’re always looking to add more great people, positions, and departments to the mix. If you don’t see the job you’re looking for, or if you think you’d be a great candidate for a job that may or may not exist yet, let us know!

Stories, news, & updates

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