East End Houston

Common Desk’s first Houston coworking space is now open at the intersection of downtown and the East End!

Welcome to the east side

East Downtown Houston is one of Houston’s hottest submarkets, full of quirky and unique destinations that anyone, no matter their interests, can enjoy. Common Desk is a brand that loves being in the most walkable, desirable, and enjoyable neighborhoods in a city, and so choosing a place like East End as our first Houston coworking location was truly a no-brainer for our brand.  Common Desk – East End is just as alternative and artistic as the neighborhood around us, creating an energetic environment for startups, individuals, growing teams, and even enterprise businesses to enjoy. If you want to make Common Desk your next workday home, schedule a tour to get a first-hand look at our brand new space, learn what we offer for Houston professionals, and discover what being a part of our coworking community looks like!

Houston coworking memberships

Here’s the membership and pricing breakdown of Common Desk – East End

Nights & Weekends

Our Nights & Weekends members make sure that the party doesn't stop at 5 o'clock.
5pm - 12am · weekdays | 6am - 12am · weekends
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  • Partial hours of access
  • Use of all amenities during access hours
  • Access to all shared areas in the Common Desk space
  • Free parking
Nights and Weekends

Shared Desk

Our Shared Desk membership is an all-access pass to coworking.
7am - 12am · 7 days a week
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  • Full hours of access
  • Use of all amenities
  • Access to all shared areas in the Common Desk space
  • Free parking
Shared Desk

Shared Plus

For Shared Desk members looking to merge their love of open spaces with their occasional need for enclosed ones.
6am - 10pm · 7 days a week
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  • All the perks of our Shared Desk membership, with the added ability to reserve private offices on an as-need basis
  • Ability to bring guests to offices for $25/day (standard shared day pass rate)
  • Ability to reserve private offices (as available) weekdays from 8am-5pm
Shared Plus

Team Bundle

A recurring combination of day passes and conference room hours for teams needing quick access to safe workspace.
8am - 5pm · Monday - Friday
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  • Built for teams of up to 10 people
  • 6 hours of conference room usage ($600 value)
  • 10 day passes ($250 value)
  • Access hours: 8am-5pm Monday through Thursday, 8am – 1pm Friday
  • Can be customized upon request
Team Bundle

Private Office

Starting at $600/month
Our private offices are spacious, customizable, and more than just a set of glass walls.
7am - 12am · 7 days a week
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  • Includes sit/stand desks, office chairs, trash cans, and filing cabinets
  • Unlimited use of all amenities
  • Access to all shared areas in the Common Desk space
  • Lock and key entry
  • Free parking
Private Office

Hospitality Suite

price varies per suite
Hospitality Suites are flexible, turn-keyed, and amenitized office solutions that are fully-serviced.
7am - 12am · 7 days a week
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  • Private card-keyed entry
  • Flexible, rearrangeable floor plan
  • Private offices that include sit/stand desks, office chairs, trash cans, and filing cabinets
  • Unlimited use of all amenities
  • Free company logo printed by Common Desk for office storefront
  • Private kitchenette, phone booths, collaboration booths, soft seating lounge, and coffee bar
  • Free parking
Houston Enterprise Office Suites

Unbeatable location

Enjoy working from one of the most desirable areas in Houston, just a quick walk away from some of the neighborhood’s best bars, restaurants, shops, and venues, and just a short drive to Downtown Houston.

We put the "amen" in amenities

From free parking, to an outdoor patio workspace and unlimited conference room bookings, the amenities found at Common Desk – East End exist to truly enhance your workday.

Bottomless craft coffee

Having our own coffee brand in-house means getting the best cup of joe while you work has never been easier.

Cocktail lounges + beer on tap

The best way to daycap is at one of our cocktail lounges.

Outdoor patios + green spaces

For the moments when you need some workday fresh air and a change of scenery.

Community + wellness events

Weekly events that are actually worth going to.

Unlimited conference room bookings

No credits needed. Our conference rooms are there when you need them!

Open network of locations

Our members have access to any and all Common Desk locations (the list is growing as you read this).

Meet your Community Team

Kianna Ford

Community Manager - East End
I'm the Community Manager for our big venture in the EaDo location! The coziest little HGTV town of Waco has always been what I've called home. Now, just like Common Desk, I'm taking my talents to Houston to bring our space to life. You can catch me with a Coke Zero in hand, ready to talk about music, fashion, pop culture, and all things Hamilton related. Come on down to Houston and let's hang!

Ashish Jain

Community Associate - East End
My name is Ashish Jain, and I am a Community Associate at Common Desk East End in Houston, Texas. This role has allowed me to create amazing connections with everyone who walks in our doors. When I am not working to make sure our members have everything they need to succeed, you can find me playing basketball with some buddies, hanging out with family and friends, or exploring new spots in Houston or San Antonio with my girlfriend. Pop into our location near Downtown where we'd love to give you a tour of our space! (Bring your pups!)

East End Houston Coworking

East End Houston is a hub of culture, education, and advocacy. The neighborhoods and communities offer a diverse mix of strength and unique characteristics to the city, facilitating work, life, and business. 

Housing many international employers and Fortune 500 companies, Houston coworking allow you to sit among the city’s most influential players. Many professionals feel welcomed in Houston’s community of startups, freelancers, individual professionals, and entrepreneurs. 

On the East of Downtown Houston, Common Desk provides the city’s most vibrant coworking space. Embracing Houston’s deep-rooted cultural heritage with entrepreneurial vibes, this location is for professionals willing to shape a modern yet productive work environment for themselves.      

Coworking in Houston – The East End District  

East End Houston helped develop Greater Houston as a modern city after historic economic success. A series of factors shape the perception and economic success of East End, including: 

  • A modern approach to the workday
  • The emerging seedbed for small businesses 
  • Booming cultural diversity
  • Development of universities, parks, restaurants and arts 

The multi-modal neighborhood offers several links to miles of routes by rails, trails, and buses forwarding transportation for remote working families and individuals. Getting around is easier in East End Houston and accommodates all schedules.

East End Houston Coworking – Introducing the Art and Culture

Coworking in Houston wouldn’t be complete without exploring the local area, such as a visit to The Talento Bilingue de Houston – Houston’s largest cultural art center and a 240 seat English-Spanish theater in the Second Ward. Spend your post-coworking hours (or even lunchtime!) with arts and exhibits, multidisciplinary workshops, and educational programming. 

Travel past the multicultural grocery marts, sports stadiums, museums, parks, and murals. You will come across the most incredible collection of graffiti and other public art near the bus stops and fences.

Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country, and has quickly become a popular destination for “destination employees,” or people who choose to travel from place to place while working at some of the best coworking spaces in that area.

Houston Coworking – Tailored for the Modern Professional

East End Houston coworkingrevolves around a custom-tailored work environment for professionals and students alike, accentuated with the wonderful entertainment and eateries found within the surrounding neighborhoods. The Common Desk provides top-tier offerings as your new favorite local coworking space in Houston, and aims to help you achieve focused productivity.

Let’s introduce you to the vibes of Houston coworking with a virtual tour of your personalized working space on the East End of Downtown Houston!

Tap into our other locations

Our coworking network is wide-open, which means when you become a member of one Common Desk location, you automatically gain access to all Common Desk spaces. Take a look at our other coworking locations, with more in Houston coming soon:

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