Team coworking pass

Team Pass

A recurring combination of day passes and conference room hours for teams needing quick access to convenient workspace

Helping teams access flexible, productive, and efficient office space when they need it

Our Team Pass membership is a recurring bundle of day passes and conference room hours for teams who need a convenient and creative place to land on the days when working from home just isn’t cutting it. Whether your team needs a new change of scenery from your corporate office, is planning to stay remote for the foreseeable future, or trying to find a strategy that accommodates all the above, our Team Pass exists to be a part of your plan with its customizable nature, helping you stay flexible, nimble, and culture-forward.



Price + Perks

The Team Pass is designed for teams that need access to our space in a more flexible manner. Our base pass includes 12 day passes and 15 credits for conference room rentals per month, each of which can be used across up to 10 people on a team. The Team Pass is a recurring membership that is managed through Common Desk’s member platform. Members on your team can utilize day passes through their Common Desk member account, and we’ll automatically subtract the number of passes/meeting hours left for your whole team as your perks are used.

Base Price: $350/month

  • 15 credits for conference room bookings
  • 12 day passes ($300 value)
  • Access hours: 8am-5pm Monday through Thursday, 8am – 3pm Friday
  • Unused hours and day passes do not roll over each month

Express interest in the Team Pass

Fill out the form below to request more information or express interest in signing up for our Team Pass, and our staff will be in touch with everything you need!

Your team’s new office away from home

We curate specific areas of our spaces to match any desired vibe of your workday. Use your bundle to float freely from our cafe-style areas to get the coffee shop vibe, sit at an elevated shared desk for focus, pop into a conference room for a quick brainstorm, or head to the cocktail lounge to close out the day.

Team Pass FAQs

Here’s the DL on the specifics of our most flexible team membership.

What am I committing to?

Is parking free?

Can I bring guests?

Will I bother people if I talk on my phone?

Can I move freely between Common Desk locations?

Do my team’s hours/passes roll over if we don’t use them all in a month?

What if my team needs more passes/hours one month?

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