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A recurring combination of day passes and conference room hours for teams needing quick access to convenient workspace


Helping teams get back to an office with convenience, productivity, and efficiency in mind

It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed not only the way all of us work, but also where. Large corporations and teams have reimagined what going to the office looks like for their teams, and many leaders are strategically contemplating the best solution for their workforces.

Our Team Pass membership is a recurring bundle of day passes and conference room hours for teams who need a convenient and creative place to land on the days when working from home just isn’t cutting it. Whether your team needs a new change of scenery from your corporate office, is planning to stay remote for the foreseeable future, or trying to find a strategy that accommodates all the above, our Team Pass exists to be a part of your plan with its customizable nature, helping you stay flexible, nimble, and culture-forward.

Price + Perks

The Team Pass is designed for teams that need access to our space in a more flexible manner. Our base pass includes 12 day passes and 6 hours of conference room rentals per month, each of which can be used across up to 10 people on a team. The Team Pass is a recurring membership that is managed through Common Desk’s member platform. Members on your team can utilize day passes through their Common Desk member account, and we’ll automatically subtract the number of passes/meeting hours left for your whole team as your perks are used. 

Base Price: $350/month 

  • 6 hours of conference room usage ($600 value)
  • 12 day passes ($300 value)
  • Access hours: 8am-5pm Monday through Thursday, 8am – 3pm Friday
  • Unused hours and day passes do not roll over each month

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Team Pass FAQs

Here’s the DL on the specifics of our most flexible team membership.

What am I committing to?

To break the cycle of ironclad leases, all of our memberships are month to month. With each payment, you are only agreeing to commit for another month!

Is parking free?

Parking and its price varies location to location, but we do all that we can to keep it as affordable (but mostly as free) as possible. Most of our locations offer free parking, whether at meters or in covered garages. Our more urban spaces, like Downtown spaces, require either a parking add-on or paid parking according to preference.

Can I bring guests?

Anyone outside of your team is free to join you for meetings in our conference rooms. If a friend or colleague wants to come work for a full day, all they’ll need is a day pass, which we can purchase separately from your bundle or add onto it! We also have regular bring-a-friend-to-work days for members, so be sure to ask a staffer about it when you join!

Will we bother people if we talk on our phones?

Definitely not! When you think of a coworking space, think of a coffee shop vs a library. Everyone here spends most of their day on the phone, so we designed our space to have high ceilings with lots of white noise to ensure that you feel comfortable taking calls in the open. We also have chatrooms and conference rooms that are perfect for hopping on important calls.

Can my team move freely between Common Desk locations?

As a Team Pass member, you have complete freedom to move location to location as you desire! Team Pass members don’t get access cards since access is shared by a variety of teammates, but you are still welcome to access other locations when you need; ask your CM about the entry system of a different space before you go. You can use our app to RSVP to events or book conference rooms at other spaces.

Do my team's hours/passes roll over if we don't use them all in a month?

Short answer: not at this point. Since all of our memberships are per month, it makes tracking easier to keep everything renewing at the start of the month!

What if my team needs more passes/hours one month?

Need more passes than what your pass includes? No prob. Team Pass members get a discounted day pass rate of $15/pass for any add-on day passes you need in a month.

Need more conference room hours? Team Pass members get a discounted conference room rate of $50/hour (half-price) for any additional hours needed in a month.

If you notice you consistently need more of either of the above, chat with your CM to adjust your Pass.

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