Shared Plus

For shared desk members looking to merge their love of open spaces with their occasional need for enclosed ones


Shared Plus: the fast pass to private offices

The Shared Desk has always been the most quintessential coworking membership in the industry. It’s beloved for its flexibility, convenience, open-air glory, and of course: affordability. But no matter how free range our Shared Desk members may be, we all could use a private office every now and then, whether for deeper focus, further distancing, or creative brainstorming. Enter: Shared Plus.

Price + Perks

Shared Plus is everything you know and love about the Shared Desk, but with the ability to access vacant private offices across the Common Desk network on a first-come-first-serve basis. Rather than paying for a private office or exclusively working from home, Shared Plus members simply pay $100 extra each month, which gives them access to a furnished private office when they feel like they need it. Whether you’re already a Shared Desk member looking to upgrade, or you’re someone looking for a stepping stone between a coworking and office membership, Shared Plus just might be the solution you’ve been needing.

Price: $399/month 

  • access to all Common Desk shared workspaces
  • ability to bring guests to offices for $25/day (standard shared day pass rate)
  • ability to reserve private offices (as available) weekdays from 8am-5pm 

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Shared Plus FAQs

Here’s the DL on the specifics of our newest version of a shared membership.

What am I committing to?

To break the cycle of ironclad leases, all of our memberships are month to month. With each payment, you are only agreeing to commit for another month!

Is parking free?

Parking and its price varies location to location, but we do all that we can to keep it as affordable (but mostly as free) as possible. Most of our locations offer free parking, whether at meters or in covered garages. Our more urban spaces, like Downtown spaces, require either a parking add-on or paid parking according to preference.

Can I bring guests?

Anyone outside of your team is free to join you for meetings in our conference rooms. If a friend or colleague wants to come work for a full day–whether in the shared space or in the office you’ve reserved–all they’ll need is a day pass! We also have regular bring-a-friend-to-work days for members, so be sure to ask a staffer about it when you join!

Does my office access work freely between Common Desk locations?

Want to start the morning in Oak Cliff and end the day in Plano? Doing business between Austin and Dallas? Taking a vacay in North Carolina? Your access card is just the ticket you need! As a Shared Plus member, you have complete freedom to move location to location as you desire! To reserve an office in a different space than yours, simply have your Community Manager reach out on your behalf, reserve your office, and you’ll be all set. Access cards vary by location, so be sure to ask your CM about the entry system of a different space before you go (especially on weekends).

Am I guaranteed access to a private office whenever I want it?

Short answer: not at this point. Our private offices could sell at any moment at any location, so availability for Shared Plus members will solely depend on how many offices are vacant at each space, as well as who reserves the office first. Our team’s here to help you find the cadence for reserving offices that works best for you, and we’ll do all we can to get you into an office when you need it.

Do I need to clean the office before I leave?

No need to deep clean, but yes, please tidy up! All Common Desk members are well aware of our “Common Kindness” practices within the space, and office use is no exception. We ask that after you use an office, you take any trash, used coffee mugs, and all of your belongings with you so that the office is as tidy as it was when you came. We’ll charge a $25 cleaning fee to your account for an untidy space, so remember to be thoughtful in how you use the office, knowing it’s not yours forever, but rather just for the day!

Can I call to reserve an office ahead of time?

Yes! You can call our main line (214-216-6913) to check availability for offices at your location; if they’re all booked, our staff can help you get set up at another office nearby so you don’t have to reroute.

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