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By Common Desk - July 9th, 2019

Pre-leasing for the largest and most robust Common Desk location to date has officially begun! Common Desk – Trammell Crow Center is going to make big waves in the shared office industry in Dallas and beyond, servicing Downtown Dallas with two full floors of premium coworking. This space is truly going to be one that you’re going to have to see to believe, but we’ll do our best to cast vision with all our words here so you get a good understanding of what to expect for this game-changing coworking location.

Enterprise Coworking is the use of a highly-serviced, flexible working environment by a wide range of diverse companies and enterprises who share resources and ideas as one community.

Over the years, Common Desk has recognized the growing global trend of companies using coworking models to attract and retain talent, all while reducing overhead cost. One thing that makes Common Desk – Trammell Crow Center’s floor plan so different from all the others is the prominent presence of one key offering, which is the newest to come to Common Desk’s wheelhouse. This key offering is what we’re calling “enterprise suites.” Common Desk – Trammell Crow Center will feature not one, not two, but eleven of these flexible spec suites, and we can’t wait to watch companies of various kinds inhabit these and use them in various capacities to enjoy turn-key workspace at a highly-competitive price point.

A little backstory Common Desk’s enterprise coworking offering

The very first Common Desk enterprise coworking suite was created in our Granite Park location for a really stellar Fortune500 company that wanted to grow an important division of their business quickly while attracting young talent to do so. They recognized that workspace is becoming an increasingly important factor in potential hires’ impression of a company, so rather than building out their own space, they went on a hunt for a coworking location to accommodate.

They’ve come to love coworking because it allows them to plant their brand in a collaborative, creative environment, to glean from the pre-existing culture in the community and incorporate into their own, and to flexibly and freely customize their space to still look and feel like it’s their personal office as much as they desire.

Because of success stories like the one mentioned above, Common Desk now has enterprise suites in three open locations: two in Deep Ellum, two in Factory Six03, and two in Granite Park. Common Desk – Trammell Crow Center will host almost double the amount of suites we currently operate, all from one of the most iconic building skyscrapers in Dallas. This is huge news for companies in the metroplex who are either outgrowing their current term space, desire to get more out of the space they plant themselves in, or want to office from a Class AA building without the major price tag that typically comes along with doing so.

So, what’s the difference between a private office and an enterprise suite?

A private office is just what it sounds like; you get one office with the predetermined number of desks, filing cabinets, desk chairs, etc., nothing more and nothing less; because plenty of companies just need a spacious and private 1-10 person office to get work done. The enterprise suite, however, takes that privacy and customization found within a private office offering and ups it x10. For instance, an enterprise suite can include a combination of private offices paired with its own open floor plan. In a way, it’s almost like a mini coworking space within our overarching coworking location.

Enterprise suites at Common Desk – Trammell Crow Center are ideal for teams of 10 – 55 and will feature a mix of the following amenities/offerings:

  • Multiple private offices in-suite
  • A customizable open desk arrangement
  • Sit/stand Varidesks in open plan and private offices
  • Private IT/Storage space
  • Dedicated conference room / meeting space
  • Card-keyed entry for company employees only
  • Plug & Play
  • Dedicated Reception Area
  • Breakroom with sink, microwave, and fridge
  • Coffee stations powered by our tech, Ellum (so you never have to refill your own coffee pot!)
  • Soft seating areas
  • White boards for collaboration

Here’s a look at what these bad boys will entail when they’re live in the heart of Downtown Dallas’ Arts District:

Common Desk is working with the Stream Realty Partner’s leasing and management team at Trammell Crow Center to debut these new workspace options, and we can’t wait to see how these enterprise suites accentuate the building’s reputable traditional office space offering.

We’re thrilled to be able to work with Common Desk on this incredible opportunity to meet the growing coworking demand. This is one of the finest, most amenity-rich coworking spaces in Dallas. More enterprise businesses will want to use this trophy asset.

Sara Terry, Senior Vice President of Stream Realty Partners

Ready to call dibs on the dreamiest workspace in Dallas?

Like we mentioned above, pre-leasing is officially available at Common Desk – Trammell Crow Center, which will encompass 52,000 square feet of on the seventh and eight floors of the building. The majority of the eighth floor will be dedicated to enterprise users who call these suites we’ve mentioned home. Our new downtown coworking space will offer all-inclusive, cutting-edge amenities like a full-service coffee bar, a golf simulator, a speak-easy-style bar, a game lounge, mail services, and unlimited conference room usage.

Also worth mentioning are the amazing amenities that come with Trammell Crow Center as a building, like Royal Blue and Sloane’s Corner being in the lobby, an Eatery serving TacoDeli daily (and they all said amen), a dedicated Concierge connecting tenants and CD members to discounts across downtown and Dallas as a whole, a shuttle service to other Arts District restaurants, neighboring access to all the best art museums in Dallas, and smart parking across the street. Really and truly, words just don’t do this building justice, and we’re honored to get to call it home.

If you’re interested in pre-signing for any type of membership offering, whether an enterprise suite or a shared desk, we’re here to help! You can reach out to, and we’ll get you on your way to finding the desk, office, or suite of your dreams in no time.

Let’s get this party started!

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