Nights and Weekends

Part-time access, full-time perks


The DL on Nights & Weekends

Our Nights & Weekends members make sure that the party doesn’t stop at 5 o’clock. A Nights & Weekends membership at Common Desk is exactly the same as a shared membership (same spaces, same perks) but gives weeknight (5pm to close) and weekend access (6am to close) for those who work untraditional hours or who want to dip their toes into the water of coworking.

We put the "amen" in amenities

Common Desk is more than a network of coworking spaces. We’re an Experience Provider, and we use amenities like a custom-built app, craft coffee, and private cocktail lounges to help our member community truly enjoy the work they do day-in and day-out.

Bottomless craft coffee

Having our own coffee brand in-house means getting the best cup of joe while you work has never been easier.

Shared bikes + storage

Bikes for you to take a spin around the neighborhood on.

Sit/stand desks

Wellness desks that sit and stand when you want them to.

Cocktail lounges + beer on tap

The best way to daycap is at one of our cocktail lounges.

Outdoor patios + green spaces

For the moments when you need some workday fresh air and a change of scenery.

Freaky-fast wifi + secure network

Because everyone needs fiber.

Community + wellness events

Weekly events that are actually worth going to.

Open network of locations

Our members have access to any and all Common Desk locations (the list is growing as you read this).

Unlimited conference room bookings

No credits needed. Our conference rooms are there when you need them!

Nights & Weekends FAQs

Here’s the DL on the specifics of our part-time coworking membership.

What am I committing to?

To break the cycle of ironclad leases, all of our memberships are month to month. With each payment, you are only agreeing to commit for another month!

Is parking free?

Parking and its price varies location to location, but we do all that we can to keep it as affordable (but mostly as free) as possible. Most of our locations offer free parking, whether at meters or in covered garages. Our more urban spaces, like Downtown spaces, require either a parking add-on or paid parking according to preference.

Can I bring guests?

Any friend of yours is a friend of ours! Your guests are free to join you for meetings in our conference rooms. If a friend or colleague wants to come work for a full day, all they’ll need is a day pass! We also have regular bring-a-friend-to-work days for members, so be sure to ask a staffer about it when you join!

Can I work outside of my designated membership hours?

Since a Nights & Weekends membership is “part time,” in order to work during the 9-5 of a normal workweek from one of our spaces, you’ll simply need to purchase a day pass ($25/day). You get one free day pass a month, so feel free to utilize that when you need it!

Will I bother people if I talk on my phone?

Definitely not! When you think of a coworking space, think of a coffee shop vs a library. Everyone here spends most of their day on the phone, so we designed our space to have high ceilings with lots of white noise to ensure that you feel comfortable taking calls in the open. We also have chatrooms and conference rooms that are perfect for hopping on important calls.

Can I move freely between Common Desk locations?

Want to start the morning in Deep Ellum and end the day in Addison? Doing business between Austin and Dallas? Your access card is just the ticket you need! As a member, you have complete freedom to move location to location as you desire! Access cards vary by location, so be sure to ask your CM about the entry system of a different space before you go (especially on weekends). You can use our app to RSVP to events or book conference rooms at other spaces.

Can I live at Common Desk?

Short answer: No, please don’t. That would be paradise though, wouldn’t it? You can’t sleep here, unfortunately. As of now, everyone (staff included) has to be out by the last hour of access of your space! Before you accidentally trip an alarm, be sure to take note of your location’s access hours before pulling a late night work sesh.

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