Meet Office 772: Common Desk’s Membership-Based Bar Concept

By Common Desk - February 7th, 2020

At the start of 2020, we opened our most anticipated location to date that truly moves the needle in so many ways–from design, to offerings, to scale. But one way that Common Desk – Downtown Dallas really raises the bar (pun intended) is with our newest premiere amenity.

World, say hello to Office 772, a beautiful membership-based cocktail bar hidden in the heart of Trammell Crow Center.

Why we created a private bar concept:

If you know Common Desk, then you know that we really appreciate a good happy hour. We’ve been throwing community-driven happy hours within our spaces ever since we first opened in 2012 (and will forever continue to do so). But, there’s something special about getting to add your touch of hospitality to the full experience, and to do that well, you have to build something from the ground up (which is exactly what we’ve done with our coffee brand, Fiction, and our member technology).

Like we mentioned above, we really love getting to surprise people with the amenities that we offer in our coworking spaces. Because we take special care to bring the things professionals encounter during any given workday and tailor them to the experiences we create within our workspaces, it was really only a matter of time before we launched our own bar brand.

When we signed a deal at Trammell Crow Center in Dallas’ Arts District, we committed to opening our largest coworking location to date. More square footage meant more room to be creative, and after a little bit of brainstorming, we knew we needed to make this the location that we would finally fulfill our dreams of operating our very own bar. We looked at the floor plan for our new space–located on floors 7 & 8 of Trammell Crow Center–found the perfect location for a cocktail lounge, and named the bar after the label for that space: Office 772.

As it is with most of the things we come up with, we created a concept, fully committed to it, but had no actual idea how to open a full-service cocktail bar. So, we went where we usually go when we need to really think and think hard: to a bar. This time, our CEO/Founder went to one of our go-to cocktail spots in Deep Ellum–our brand’s home neighborhood–called Shoals Sound & Service. Long story short, he drummed up a conversation with the owner, and soon, we had a partnership executed.

Office 772 officially opened during our Grand Opening party for Common Desk – Downtown Dallas last week, and we can’t wait to see all of the memories made here in this hidden gem of a space.

How Office 772 works:

One of the best parts about Office 772 is that it’s completely private–meaning, if you’re a member of Common Desk or a Social Member of Office 772, then you get exclusive access to this beautiful space without the hassle of crowds or uncertainty of the experience you’ll get time after time.

All Common Desk members of any of our locations have the ability to access Office 772. Once inside, a uniquely crafted menu of cocktails exists for members to pick and choose from–featuring everything from select wine and beer to curated cocktails, highballs and bucks, and “other dangers,” as Omar (owner of Shoals) likes to put it.

One of our favorite experiences at Office 772 is the “punch clock toast” that happens every weekday at 5pm. Office 772 staff pass around complementary champagne to anyone in the bar at 5pm, and we all enjoy a thoughtful workday-cap and toast together in the space. Because every long day at the office should end with something magical (in our opinion).

Not a member of Common Desk but intrigued by the idea of accessing Office 772? Our Social Membership is the ticket. This membership option is ideal for:

  • Anyone who has a full-time office space elsewhere in Downtown Dallas but still loves the idea of having a private place to close out a workday.
  • Someone who’s not ready to commit to a full coworking membership but wants to dip their toes in the water.
  • Brokers in Dallas who want a place to close deals or meet with clients.
  • Tenants of Trammell Crow Center.
  • Professionals who only need access to the space after 5pm.

If anything mentioned above is speaking your language, give us a call or schedule a tour to learn more about becoming a member. We can’t wait to get to know you over a craft cocktail soon!

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