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A Local’s Guide to Coffee Shops in Austin

It probably wouldn’t surprise you much to hear that Austin is home to…

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Home-Cooked Meals for the Work-Bound Person

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, finding time to make delicious and nutritious meals is a challenge…
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Finding Productivity While Working from Home

For those of us first time work from home-ers, finding a workflow may be difficult without the traditional office structure.…
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A House Plant How-To for Bringing the Earth Inside

There’s a reason taking a walk through a park, a forest, or through our tree-lined neighborhoods makes us feel better,…
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The Servant’s Heart: Emerging from Crisis

We’re excited to share another member-written article with you! Meet Matt, one of our long-time members at Common Desk –…
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Non-streaming entertainment ideas at-home

Stream-less At-Home Entertainment Ideas

We’re officially through the fourth week of quarantine. If you’re anything like me, your ‘to watch’ list is quickly dwindling…
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Community–For All

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has turned every aspect of our collective sense of day-to-day normalcy upside down. We’re having…
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Best Apps to Get You Up and Running

Working from home can make it hard to want to move. You have everything within an arm’s reach, so why…
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12 Actions That Are Working for Leaders During Crisis

Another resourceful member-curated blog is hot off the press! We’re thrilled to introduce Ilana Zivkovich, the Founder of Werq. Ilana…
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A Free Budgeting Tool for Navigating Financial Uncertainty

We’re excited to introduce you to one of our great members, Brandon, who started an amazing local bookkeeping firm called…
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