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A Local’s Guide to Coffee Shops in Austin

It probably wouldn’t surprise you much to hear that Austin is home to…


A Look Inside Common Desk’s Dedicated Coffee Program

Coffee. What on earth would we do without it? This drink does so much more than just caffeinate. It brings…
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5 Nonprofits To Support This North Texas Giving Day

If you’re a resident of North Texas, then chances are you’ve probably been hearing the words “North Texas Giving Day”…
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Common Desk Is Heading To Downtown Dallas!

We have some really, we mean REALLY, exciting news. After nearly 6 years of operation in Dallas, we’re finally opening…
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OG CD Member Highlight, Part 1: The Treadmill Desk Enthusiast

Common Desk will officially be 6 years old in just a few short months, which means we’ve been around long…
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It’s National Small Business Week!

Did you know that small businesses are actually the backbone of our country’s economy? More than half of the American…
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Nowhere To Go But Anywhere

If you’ve been in the Common Desk community for the past few years, then this probably isn’t the first time…
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The 20 Hottest Startups In DFW

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is an ever-evolving, constantly growing landscape, making it an ideal environment for startups to take root.…
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Vote For The Hottest Startups In DFW 2018

It’s that time of year again– We’re taking submissions for the Hottest Startups in DFW for 2018! For the past 2…
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Meet The Founding Members Of Common Desk – Fort Worth

It’s been a few months since Common Desk – Fort Worth opened its doors, which means for a few months…
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