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By Lewis Fertitta - March 10th, 2020

Your daily commute. The party your friend asked you to host last minute. A trip to the gym you have been putting off for months. The moment you are put in charge of the AUX cord on the road trip. That gloomy weather day where you just want to feel cozy. Getting ready for that big date you’ve been looking forward to all week. These moments all call for music, but not just a single song. No, these moments need a playlist full of great music!

In a time where music is free and everyone is pushing out so much, it can be hard to keep up. But, a really great song will stick around past its time in the limelight. And, when you put together a few of these really great songs into a well-crafted playlist, you’ll discover the power it can hold to make every season of life that much better. Nothing brings me more joy than sending friends playlists like these. Playlists that they can live to.

So, we’ve acknowledged how meaningful music is. Now let’s get to work – let’s make a playlist.

Who is your favorite artist right now? What did you listen to when you were young? What is your walkout song? These are some questions that will help you to get started.  Does “Maggie May” bring back sweet memories or put you at ease? Otis Redding cheers me up no matter what’s going on! I know to avoid heavy metal when I am upset because it only makes me angrier but if I want to kick a*s in the gym I have it turned up. “Hotel California” reminds me of summer days running errands with my mom and “Amili” takes me to late nights skateboarding with my friends in high school. When you understand what music does to your mood, you can take advantage of that when shaping your playlists!

With the mood set, start picking songs. Don’t overthink it – when making a good playlist, put it together brick (song) by brick (song) and it will begin to shape itself. For example, if we were planning to throw a birthday party for a celebrity, who would it be and what would they want to hear? Let’s start with everyone’s favorite Hollywood hunk, Kevin Pollak. Song one should be catchy and song 12 should send us off well. Someone like Kevin probably deserves 50 songs, but we’re gonna select twelve for my sake. Sorry, Kevin.

Kevin’s Birthday Bashing Jams

1. “You Gotta be” – Des’ree

2. “The Night Me and Your Mama Met” – Childish Gambino

3. “Song 2” – Blur

4. “Future People” – Alabama Shakes

5. “Award Tour” – A Tribe Called Quest

6. “Love.” – Kendrick Lamar

7. “Not Enough” – Lido

8. “Loving Is Easy” – Rex Orange County

9. “Dancing In The Moonlight” – King Harvest

10. “Hey Ya! (Radio Mix / Club Mix)” – Outkast

11. “Gold Digger” – Kanye West

12. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) – Whitney Houston

Building this playlist was fun, but allow me to explain some of my choices. “You Gotta be” starts the playlist strong with a groovy intro. “The Night Me and Your Mama Met” is the bridge that takes you to the heart of the playlist.  Blur kicks that groove up a notch with “Song 2”, you don’t want the mood to dip so having a strong third song can help keep the momentum building. During “Future People” you may find yourself worrying that the music is too loud but your worries are wrong. Following that kick a*s momentum that has built up, “Award Tour” brings in a solid throwback that sounds familiar but most people have never heard. Everyone wants a little “Love” in their life and Kendrick brings some much-needed pacing to the playlist. The next two songs for me are two different sides of the same love coin. Their purpose is to allow everyone in the room with an option to feel known. The party is almost over and it’s time to get everyone dancing with King Harvest. In a playlist full of hits, the last three songs are surely that: “Hey Ya!”, “Gold digger”, and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” is the trilogy we’ve always deserved.

There you have it: Kevin’s Birthday Bashing Jams. Use it for your birthday soirée, or try building a new playlist to set the right feel for the moment you’re living in. Remember: there’s a lot of great music out there in the universe, but putting together the right playlist helps you make it your own.

P.S. Click here or here to listen to this playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. Someone send this to Kevin and while you do that, give it a listen. Cheers!

All photos by Lewis Fertitta

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