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National Volunteer Month in Your Community

By now, you know that Common Desk lives and breathes community. Every day,…


Vote For The Hottest Dallas Startups Of 2017!

We’re taking submissions for Dallas’ Top Startups! Last year we highlighted the 22 hottest Dallas startups of 2016, and we’re excited…
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Coworking Spaces In Fort Worth

Fort Worth’s coworking count is on the rise, and these particular coworking spaces have been key catalysts in that movement.…
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Member Highlight: Dallas Nonprofits

Our members and alumni do some pretty amazing things– especially our nonprofit members. They’re the ones who work full-time jobs…
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The Next Frontier: Corporate Coworking

It’s no news that the real estate market is constantly shifting, and the technology of today has completely changed the…
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Big Common Desk Announcements For 2017

Over the past 5 years, Dallas has officially established itself as a hotspot for the coworking phenomenon; over 35 locally-owned…
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10 Products Changing The Internet In 2016

With every new year comes a tsunami of trends and predictions for the ever-changing world of technology and by the…
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The Local Economic Impact Of Coworking

It’s easy to preach about the benefits of coworking for professionals in particular, but not mentioned nearly enough are the…
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Short Stories That Tell Our Story

The Common Desk story that exists today wouldn’t be what it is without the countless stories that happened along the…
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Local Businesses To Support In Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff is chock full of so many amazing places to eat, drink, and hang out, that it’s nearly impossible…
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