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The 18 Hottest Startups In Dallas

 - April 3, 2017

It’s no secret that the city of Dallas is growing in huge ways. As of 2016, Dallas is the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the U.S., and it’s ranked number 1 in year-over-year population growth. Also not to mention is the fact that Dallas is currently churning out over 3.5 million jobs, and North Texas as a whole is in the top 10 regions for startup companies. With this kind of economic growth, the startup scene in Dallas had no choice but to grow too, and because of that, there are a plethora of successful startups that call Dallas, Texas “home.”

Every year we do a write-up on the hottest startups in Dallas. The list you’ll see below is based on over-all popular votes and community testimonials. Each startup showcased is truly Dallas-bred and Dallas-based, and we’re proud to showcase all 18 of them.

So, without further ado, here are the Hottest Dallas Startups of 2017:

18. CataBoom

CataBoom is a SaaS based behavioral marketing engagement platform that allows you to create, modify and launch gamified rewards in minutes. CataBoom helps change or create new behaviors by rewarding key demographic consumers with prizes that have real value to them– including unique experiences, exclusive content, digital rewards, physical prizes, and large “covered” prizes. Long story short, CataBoom exists to help brands build customer loyalty by using gamification rewards. CataBoom is located in Deep Ellum.

17. NectarOM

NectarOM is an Omnichannel Personalization SaaS company. They make it easy for enterprises to build, operate, and scale their omnichannel personalization capability. They go beyond segmentation and personalization to help brands hyper-personalize customer messages. This enables customers to deliver the most relevant content, offers, products and recommendations to consumers at the optimal time and most appropriate channel. NectarOM is located in West End.

16. Nosha

Vegetables and fruit contain micronutrients that our bodies thrive on, but all too often we struggle to include them in our daily food routines. This is why Nosha was created. Nosha is a meal packet that’s packed with organic veggies, fruits and seeds for exceptional nutrition that your body craves. When it comes down to it, Nosha is just real, whole foods. Nosha’s veggies and fruits are gently dried after harvesting in order to preserve their vitamins and minerals, and their seeds are finely cold-milled. Consumers of Nosha see significant benefits to their energy levels and digestive systems, just to name a few. Nosha is available on a subscription basis. They are located in Oak Cliff.

15. RoboKind

RoboKind, the world leader in social robotics, designs and builds a series of robots that enable people to engage with robots on a personal level. Through the Robots4Autism and Robots4STEM programs, RoboKind leverages these advanced social robots to supplement autism therapy, special education and STEM instruction. The programs use humanoid robots that feature life-like facial expressions, natural social interaction and comprehensive curriculum to assist educators and therapists in helping students learn and grow. The robot’s name is Milo, a 2-foot-tall humanoid robot who was designed to help students with autism spectrum disorders practice their social, emotional, and behavioral skills. RoboKind is located Downtown.

14. Traxo

Traxo organizes travel plans by pulling together itineraries and loyalty accounts from different airlines, hotels, car rental services, and travel-related websites. The tool allows travelers to share travel plans with friends, family, or coworkers and/or receive alerts when they’re in the same place. Traxo also creates tools like expense reporting that businesses are able to embed into their own softwares. Because over one billion travel data points are created in a day, Traxo works to seamlessly bring the world’s travel data together. They are located in Downtown Dallas.

13. Park Hub

ParkHub helps parking operations boost revenue, cut costs, and wow guests with fast, reliable, and easy-to-use technology. ParkHub aims to make parking easier for operators and drivers with a software that processes payments and provides analytics. They lease parking software to companies and receive a percentage of the parking revenue each month. The ParkHub team is comprised of industry experts, problem solvers, and creative engineers, all dedicated to connecting people with the places they want to go. They service big-time venues like the Super Bowl, American Airlines Center, and Levi Stadium. They are located between Deep Ellum and Fair Park.

12. White Pants Agency

The White Pants Agency is a social and digital marketing agency that’s pioneering the future of digital-social convergence marketing. Their aim is to take major brands and leverage their digital development through a number of cutting-edge techniques and processes. This procedure enables brands to achieve maximum value and clear their return on investment within their marketing budgets. In short, White Pants specializes in bringing brands to life through content. White Pants Agency offers professional digital media services across the following disciplines: digital & social, creative & content, strategy & analytics, and experiential & emerging. They are located in Deep Ellum.

11. GruupMeet

GruupMeet’s all-in-one meeting logistics tool continuously keeps teams, flights, and event analytics connected in one system. GruupMeet simplifies communication, flight alerts, and logistics across complex programs. They provide convenient experiences, up-to-moment information, and 2-way text notifications from any device to their planners and participants. Their platform stands apart in 3 ways: collaborative planning, no downloading or installing required, and complete guest transportation history. GruupMeet is located in Mockingbird Station.

10. Roam

Roam is modernizing and simplifying the world of digital signage through their interactive touchscreen displays. They created a commercial real estate directory that provides unique and engaging experiences for prospective tenants, while empowering property managers to deliver a rich set of materials that provide an enhanced view of a property. To make all of this possible, Roam Directories built the Atlas directory, an interactive and customizable digital touchscreen display that shows building tenants, visitors, and prospective tenants up-to-date photos, videos, architectural drawings, and other materials about the building they are visiting. Roam is located in Deep Ellum.

9. Booster

Booster Fuels takes the hassle out of gas fillups. The company partners with businesses and schools and then offers their on-demand fuel service within these campuses. Users simply park their car, request a fillup on the Booster Fuels app, leave their gas cap open as they leave, and when they come back after work, their car is ready to go. As for pricing, Booster says its prices are competitive with those of local gas stations and often lower because it purchases its fuel wholesale. They’re forging the future of how we fuel our vehicles with their hospitable on-demand services. Booster Fuels is located in Oak Cliff.

8. Bonfire

Bonfire simplifies campground reservation management. With over 14,000 RV parks and campgrounds in the country, Bonfire helps users operate or find RV parks and campsites by using a simple campground reservation system. They combine a simple online reservation software with payment processing so that parks can take reservations and payments immediately. Bonfire is also helping park managers maintain their clients, market to future customers, keep track of customer payments, and organize the payments they receive. Bonfire is located Downtown.

7.Pursuit Sales

Pursuit partners with businesses by recruiting superior sales talent to their organizations. They believe in humanizing the recruiting process by familiarizing their staff with exactly what a business needs and finding the perfect person to match. They’ve partnered with a variety of companies, spanning from industry-leading medical device companies to software startups. They focus on four main areas: medical sales, industrial sales, software sales, and inside sales– but for clients whose needs fall outside of those four categories, they have the ability to adjust their approach to find and hire other matches for other industry categories. Pursuit is located in Deep Ellum.

6. Glass Heel

Founded and run by ambitious women, Glass Heel is an all-in HQ for women who want more; they host worthwhile events and write content to grow and inspire people professionally and personally. Professionals who are looking to upgrade their life can join their movement where they help people focus on growing themselves, their careers, and their businesses. Glass Heel is quickly becoming known for offering powerful events that are specific to establishing goals and vision and formatted for ambitious women. Their value to women shows in how quickly their events have been selling out, with each event serving Dallas women through and through. Glass Heel is located in Uptown.

5. DeadSoxy

DeadSoxy’s one liner is– “The best socks ever created. Period.” The gentlemen behind the brand spent 2.5+ years working to find the perfect sock and the finished product was well worth the wait and effort. They are a company that stands firmly behind their product, and their passion and quality makes DeadSoxy’s socks easy to sell. Their socks are guaranteed to never slip or fall during wear, and the best part? They’ll never shrink. They carry both men’s and women’s socks (they even have couple’s socks for those who are into that kind of thing), and they carry several accessories like laces and pocket sqaures. DeadSoxy is located in Deep Ellum.

4. VelvetCrate

VelvetCrate specializes in custom-made gift packages that are curated and ready-to-send to meet your gifting needs. VelvetCrates are great solutions for corporate gifting, branding, and everyday gifting. They have three signature curated collections: Celebrate, Just Because, and Love. These collections are perfectly arranged in a box and are delivered with a custom card that can be personalized with whatever message you’re trying to send. Their shipping is free and fast, and they give you the ability to select a desired delivery date, removing the hassle of trying to calculate and time a gift’s arrival based on shipping and handling. VelvetCrate is located in Uptown.

3. Four Stones Collaborative Group

Four Stones Collaborative Group is a mental health practice that provides care of the highest quality to individuals and families in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With Four Stones, clients can expect a therapeutic encounter with professionals who are compassionate and seasoned in their respective disciplines. As their name implies, Four Stones believes that collaboration is the key to successfully overcoming life’s challenges. Their goal is to work with clients as a team, utilizing a holistic approach to mental healthcare that incorporates biological, psychological, social, and spiritual interventions. They are located in Mockingbird Station.

2. Connective Agency

Connective Agency is a sales, marketing, and communication agency that uses authentic connections to move brands forward, build reputations, and ultimately grow business. They evaluate, improve and deliver integrated communications, marketing, and sales programs that are focused on measurable success. Connective Agency has business-to-business experience across multiple industries, they do their homework first, and they move swiftly from creating smart strategies to generating results. They are located in Oak Cliff.

1. Artist Uprising

Artist Uprising is the first social network where creatives of all types (visual & performing artists, models & actors, designers & hand-crafters and more) can showcase their portfolio of works, sell merchandise, and promote events to a hyper localized fanbase. Venues, entertainment-industry professionals, and the everyday fanatic can connect directly to creatives, shop local, and discover their local art scene from any place, anytime. Artist Uprising embodies a movement of humans whose hearts beat to the creative drum. Artist Uprising also has a publication, which is an artistic-styled, matte-finish bind that captures insider stories from the Top 25 Most Influential Creatives of DFW & Denton in 2017. Download the app or purchase their publication to start connecting to your local creative community. They are located in Deep Ellum, Dallas.

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