What Makes East End Houston a Great Home for Common Desk

By Common Desk - October 23rd, 2020

Save the date: Common Desk – East End Houston is opening on November 2! We’re amped to officially enter the Houston, TX market and East End just makes sense to us. With every tick of the clock, we feel more excited about everything that this area has to offer; let us take you on a little tour.

Rich in Diversity and Culture

East End Houston is made up of multiple neighborhoods, including Denver Harbor, EaDo, Greater Eastwood, Gulfgate/Pine Valley, and Clinton Drive. A few Super Neighborhoods (a framework devoted to facilitating communication and action between communities in Houston) stake their claim here as well: the Greater Fifth Ward, Downtown/East Downtown, the Second Ward, and Greater Eastwood. With all those unique histories and contributions, the culture in East End is a rich melting pot of people, business, and art.

Common Desk strives to find the intersection of art and community, and that has been occurring naturally in East End since at least the 1930s. The neighborly love here is strong; during the Great Depression, the community put on plays and musicals to raise money for local charities, providing aid to those struggling most. Today, East End has one of the largest outdoor mural collections in Houston, so you never have to go far to find local flavor; if an indoor gallery, play, or exhibition is more your style, you’ll find over 30 of those as well. Live music, street art, galleries, and performance art coexist and collaborate effortlessly to create a truly inspirational environment for working, playing, and living. We can’t wait to show off the pieces from local artists that we’ve commissioned for our space!

Purposeful People

The heartbeat of Common Desk is authentic community and hospitality, and people are integral to our mission. The residents of East End are passionate in their commitment to preserving their history, caring for families, and improving the world. While each neighborhood certainly has a distinctive personality and culture, they come together to form a network of shared civic action. Education, family, and community are common values that we’re excited to participate in and support. Organizations like the East End Improvement Corp are dedicated to the preservation of everything that makes the neighborhood so great, and options for schooling abound: with public, private, charter, and magnet schools, as well as colleges and universities, everyone can find what’s right for them and their family. From community festivals and new murals to nonprofit programs and repaving historic streets, this neighborhood is anything but stagnant.

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From Here, Go Anywhere

We like to situate our Common Desk spaces in unique locations that offer flexibility and accessibility; East End fits the bill perfectly. If you can’t find what you need within the East End area, it’s a breeze to get on major arteries and highways; this area is surrounded by IH-10, US 59, IH-45, and Lockwood Drive. Be sure to check out BCycle (hourly bike rentals!) and Blue Line Bike Lab, two companies that are committed to developing further in the neighborhood. METRO provides convenient light-rail lines and the local public bus system is newly redesigned for an easy, streamlined transit experience. Trying to increase (or, just as admirably, simply maintain) your step count? Wide sidewalks, bright pedestrian lights, well-placed benches, and beautiful trees make the walkability of East End unbeatable.

What We’re Bringing to the Table

There you have it–just a few of the reasons Common Desk loves East End Houston. We are hard at work setting up this new location and we cannot WAIT to meet you! Common Desk – East End has over 25,000 square feet of workspace, including traditional coworking, private offices, team suites, and conference rooms. With an outdoor patio, an indoor sunroom oasis, and skylights throughout the space, we’ve made it easy to soak up nature and the surrounding neighborhood while you get your work done. Add in a ton of free parking, in-house Fiction Coffee, dedicated staff members, community-building events, all-inclusive amenities, and our signature Common Desk hospitality, and you’ve got the perfect new workspace for you and your team. Book a tour today! We’d love to get you set up for success (and lots of fun) with us because on November 2 we’ll be saying: Houston, we have a Common Desk.

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