20 Tools To Help You Manage Your Employees

By Common Desk - June 29th, 2015

These 20 tools will make effective employee management a walk in the park and boost your employee management skills:

Do you need help learning how to manage your employees or streamlining employee management tasks for your business? Take control of scheduling, administrative tasks and more with software programs and smartphone apps that keep you on top of daily business operations no matter where you or your employees are – including those who work remotely from home.

Project Management

  1. Asana organizes project elements and communications together in one place to cut down on time wasted and make sure that all collaborators stay on the same page.
  2. With DropBox, you can upload files from anywhere and share them with anyone, making it possible to collaborate remotely whenever you need to.
  3. SAP Employee Lookup is an iPhone app that makes it easy for teams to keep in touch by providing tools to organize contacts and stay connected when the team is scattered.
  4. Trello lets you organize projects into “boards” and “cards” for easier management. Add attachments, set due dates, use color coding and recruit others for easy collaboration.

Human Resources

  1. Monitor current trends and see projections for the future with AquireInsight. This powerful HR management tool tracks performance and helps you make smarter business decisions.
  2. BambooHR centralizes all employee information for easy management in the office or on the road.
  3. Find the right employees for your business using the Talent Acquisition Suite from iCIMS. It integrates with social media to connect you with a wider pool of qualified candidates.
  4. Vibe HCM offers fast setup and centralized management for just about any HR task you can imagine.
  5. Using Web Human Resource (WebHR) to automate common HR tasks frees you up to address more important business matters.


  1. With handy payroll reminders and comprehensive payment history, myPay Solutions turns your iPhone into a payroll management powerhouse.
  2. Online Payroll handles paycheck creation and tax e-filing and offers alerts so that you never forget an important pay date.
  3. Patriot PAY provides complete customization of all payroll tasks for small businesses with 1 to 50 employees.
  4. Use Run for efficient management of both hourly and salaried employees and calculate tax rates for complete accuracy.
  5. Handle employee information and payments with ease using ZenPayroll. The “Payroll on Autopilot” feature ensures that checks are always on time.

Employee Scheduling and Time Tracking

  1. FindMyShift is a web-based scheduling system that makes it easy to set up a schedule, share it with employees and track hours worked.
  2. Use ClickTime to track, manage and report employee time from anywhere with a simple web-based interface that stores data in the cloud for quick access.

Personal Development

  1. Duolingo is an easy way for anyone to learn a new language. With quick eight- to ten-minute lessons, employees can expand their horizons on their lunch breaks or while traveling.
  2. Despite its strange name, GPS For the Soul is a useful app for employees who struggle with stress. Using a sensor to check stress levels, the app provides suggestions for ways to relax and get back on target.
  3. Lumosity provides a series of “brain games” designed to keep minds sharp and improve performance.
  4. Office Yoga lets employees stretch out while they’re on the phone or walking from place to place, giving them an easy way to sit less and move more.

Using software and apps to manage your staff makes your job easier, regardless of whether you run a small business or a larger company. When you can stay in touch, monitor progress, handle payroll and ensure well-being all from your computer or smartphone, you’ll enjoy smoother business operations and increased employee productivity.

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