10 Free iPhone Wallpapers to Inspire You This Month

By Common Desk - February 14th, 2020

We spend a lot of time on our phones. We make plans, set alarms, check e-mails, create playlists, get directions, scroll news feeds, and read blogs all on these handheld devices. Just like the physical places we spend our time in, it’s exciting to customize your phone space with purposeful wallpapers.

Looking at the same phone background for months on end can get old, so we turned to our extremely talented staff to share some of their previous art and create some wallpapers that will inspire you this month.

To save an image, right click and open it in a new tab to download.

Whether you’re after a serene landscape or a motivational quote, we’ve got you covered…

“These are shots from my first trip to the Pacific Northwest. Visiting here has always been on my bucket list. As a photographer I really enjoyed being in nature and being able to capture some amazing landscapes.”

Isaiah Hicks | Common Desk – Anderson Lane

“Some of my biggest influences when creating works is color and simplicity. Doing the most with the least in a creative sense. I’m obsessed with color and framing works in a standalone aspect. Seeing how different colors are used helps me to gain a better understanding on how it can set moods or change atmospheres. It definitely can be inspiring to see when someone uses a good color palette.”

Jeremy Pesina | Common Desk – Fort Worth

“These photos were taken at Loveland Pass on one of our very first family hikes from our time living in Colorado last year! To this day, this is one of my absolute favorite spots I’ve ever been to. It truly feels like Heaven is touching earth. I highly recommend visiting this spot the next time you’re in Denver, especially if you go in September when all the leaves are changing!”

Hannah DiStasio | Common Desk DFW

“I like using lifestyle quotes for my wallpaper to remind me of goals. An encouraging phrase can shift my mindset or mood in a moment of need. Since I often reach for my phone, at times subconsciously and mindlessly go through my apps when I actually have better, more productive things vying for my time, setting my wallpaper with a quote or reminder can be essential. These fun designs catch my eye and push me back to reality. I think it’s super important to surround yourself with the places, both physical and metaphorical, you want to go.”

Olivia Holbrook | Common Desk – Anderson Lane

“I love using vacation pictures as my phone background. It’s a fun reminder of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen! I went to Kauai, Hawaii over Christmas and shot these. The first picture is of Kīlauea Lighthouse on 35mm film! The other one is a shot of a bush I walked past – I loved the colors! I hope these pictures bring some island vibes to your phone screen.”

Jewel Porter | Common Desk – 6th & Congress

“These are 2 pieces from a feminine based series of fine art collages done in 2019. I’ve collected vintage magazines for years that range from Playboy to National Geographic so I chose to mix the two worlds into one. Each minimal collage is a visual story that conceptually dives into a reflection of women in today’s world by using old imagery. The color background you can find at the top of each piece are original photos from my thesis gallery show at Texas State University back in 2013. The new collage layered on top of the old photograph is also a nod to my art journey and how it has evolved from post-grad into my adult life.”

Amy Hughes | Common Desk – Anderson Lane

Feel free to save as many wallpapers as you like to keep your background fresh! We know it can be hard to choose just one!

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