Meet The Founding Members Of Common Desk – Fort Worth

 - January 24, 2018

It’s been a few months since Common Desk – Fort Worth opened its doors, which means for a few months now, we’ve been spending every workday amidst an unbelievable member community.

We like to think of the first members of our new spaces as “founders” of sorts; they’re the ones who are brave enough to take a risk on a product they may or may not have ever encountered before; they’re the ones who are strong enough to endure the little hiccups that are bound to come with a new space (like random fire alarm tests, spontaneous construction drilling, and random HVAC issues); they’re also the ones who set the tone and stage for the community, vibe, and atmosphere of the space as a whole, which carries over into the entirety of a space’s existence.

So yeah, these guys are pretty important. And this unofficial “founder” title only goes to the best of the best.

So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to a few of the Founding Members of Common Desk – Fort Worth!

Up first, we have Tyler. Tyler moved to Texas from New York, but meeting Tyler, you’d have no initial idea that he wasn’t born and raised right in the heart of Fort Worth because of how friendly, down-to-earth, and culture-carrying he is. Tyler has been spending his days at Common Desk working on getting his Texas real estate license. When he first moved with his wife and family to Fort Worth, he knew he’d need a place to study for the big exam, and in an effort to meet people during the process, he joined Common Desk! Since then, he’s used Common Desk to get to know his new city of Fort Worth, to study for his real estate test, and to find a sense of community in his new state.

Next we have Kristen, the mastermind photographer behind the cameras that snap the beautiful images of Della Porta Photography. Kristen was actually one of our very first tours back when the space was still under construction, and she also was one of our very first sign-ups! Since joining, she uses the space to edit but also to shoot clients (we’ve even gotten a new member from one of her client shoots!). She brings the space to life with her friendly smile and warm personality, and she’s a girl boss if we’ve ever seen one, running a successful business while still managing to be a wonderful mom, wife, and friend. If you ever need a great photographer around Fort Worth, Kristen’s your girl.

Next up we have Brad and Peyton, who are a two-dude duo who run a logistics technology company that’s strictly focused on energy. Brad and Peyton joined Common Desk mainly for the social aspect of coworking. “Networking is a very important part of our business, and with a location like this, you can bring networking into the office itself.” Since the day they joined, we’ve gotten to watch them set the standard for how the space can be used for networking and community-building between members and their businesses. These guys are always the first ones to join in for a community event, are always down for a spontaneous happy hour post-work, and they never cease to make every day at the office feel like a fun one.

And then we have Samantha, the very first member of Common Desk – Fort Worth! Samantha works remotely with her company that’s based in DC. Samantha had been living and working in DC at her company HQ for 4 years, but she was ready to move back to Fort Worth, where she grew up, and her company was gracious enough to let her relocate back to her roots. A close friend told her about Common Desk, and she hard hat toured our under-construction space the day she moved back! Long story short, she ended up signing up as our very first member, and all of our lives have been richer because of it. We can always count on Samantha to be a bright light in the darkest of work days, and she’s our biggest Taco Tuesday cheerleader, which means she obviously values the important things of life.

And last but not least, we have Brandon– a Founder & CEO of a stellar small business that’s been crushing the game for 2 years. Brandon actually joined our Deep Ellum location shortly after starting his company 2 years ago, and being the key member of that community that he was, we knew that he was going to be such a strong component of our new Fort Worth community. Brandon joined Common Desk to be able to have an office home and a place to meet clients, be professional, and focus on what they do day in and day out. “I could be trying to run this thing out of my house, but to have this home base with the facilities and the networking and the people is just such a game-changer for us.”

Now that you’ve a little about this stellar crew, watch the video below to hear and learn a little more about their stories and their thoughts on coworking with Common Desk!

“It’s been honestly incredible. This is exactly what I was looking for in terms of finding community in a city that I used to live in but haven’t lived in in a long time. I also wanted a professional environment in which I could still maintain normal business hours but have the flexibility of being in a different location as my office.”

Getting to work with so many incredible members day in and day out at our new Fort Worth location is nothing short of a dream, but the cool thing about our community is that it can never be full; we always have room for more amazing game-changers, difference-makers, and everyday influencers, and we would love for you to be the next person to join our quirky and energetic crew.

If you want to learn more about Common Desk – Fort Worth, network with stellar professionals like the ones mentioned above, or experience a good ole fashioned Fort Worth time, join us for the Grand Opening Celebration of CD-FW this Thursday, January 25! We hope to see you there!

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