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By Common Desk - July 24th, 2019

Earlier this year, we mentioned that we created an app that helps us enhance our approach to hospitality in big ways. Today, we have a big update on all the ways that Ellum has grown to help not just Common Desk, but any workspace. We created this technology to be a robust back-end management system and mobile app that helps power coworking and other amenities inside office buildings. Named “Ellum” as an ode to Common Desk’s Deep Ellum roots, our app aligns with our mission to “enhance every workday” by connecting the people of office buildings with the amenity set placed within them.

The Ellum app provides quick access to a plethora of hospitality features inside an office building. These features include the ability for people to book conference rooms, order, pay and receive direct delivery on craft coffee and light bites from the building coffee purveyor, sign up for events or class-based fitness offerings, and receive gifts given from the landlord’s team for business wins, work anniversaries, etc. (because who doesn’t love a good surprise gift on a Tuesday?).

We want to bring best in class hospitality to as many people inside office buildings as possible, and the launch of Ellum is dramatically expanding the number of buildings our brands can service. Our brands are known for the way we treat our customers and Ellum will help us take it to a whole new level.

Nick Clark, founder and CEO of Common Desk

Within any given Common Desk location or building spec suite, professionals will find Ellum Tech “IoT buttons” placed around the workspace, enabling them to press to place various requests. From requests to brew fresh drip coffee to restocking facility supplies around the space, these buttons connect the requests directly to building staff. Empowered by the immediate feedback from the buttons, onsite teams can provide the best possible experience within their spaces, responding to every need from the customer (which is what we’re in the business of doing).

In addition to the app and buttons, Ellum also has a web-facing platform, with a simple dashboard setup that gives quick commands to the most important elements of a workspace. Common Desk members use the web-based interface as their main membership dashboard to view invoices, adjust membership details, add team members, and find important Common Desk information. Additionally, Common Desk staff use the web interface to control all the daily operations associated with running Common Desk’s coworking locations. Landlords can use the dashboard to tap into the data collected from within their buildings.

And the best part of it all? Ellum Technology works at a building with or without Common Desk. We’ll be rolling out our tech this fall to a few buildings without coworking in tow. The first to receive it will be One Victory Park at 2323 Victory Ave in Dallas. Common Desk is installing our coffee brand, Fiction Coffee, in the lobby of the project, and Ellum will power the offeringnwhile providing a big time boost to the building’s current amenity offerings.

Landlords interested in using Ellum to enhance their building amenities and offerings can now begin inquiring about the tech’s services as Common Desk is rolling the technology out in buildings across Texas later this year.

Ellum has already grown up in big ways since we last mentioned it, and we’re excited to watch it continue to evolve and make big waves in the real estate + hospitality industries. Curious to learn more about what Ellum can do? Head to our contact page to reach out!

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