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We’ve Got Mail! Common Desk is Coming to POST

 - October 6, 2021

We’ve been sitting on some exciting news, and we’re SO glad we finally get to shout it from the rooftops: Common Desk is coming to POST Houston! This groundbreaking deal means that we’ll be a part of a 550,000 sq ft, multi-use project spanning from a Live Nation music hall to a rooftop park and garden—and that’s just the tip of this adaptive reuse iceberg. POST Houston promises to be the belle of the ball when it comes to shopping, dining, drinking, playing, concert-going, and—last but not least—coworking.

From post office to multi-use space

Before the renovations started that are turning this landmark giant into an experiential wonderland for all, the building at 401 Franklin St served as a major part of Houston’s infrastructure. Originally built in 1934 to be a depot at Houston’s Grand Central Station, its halls were pathways for travelers and freight both coming and going. The station was later demolished and, after a significant addition to the structure, the depot reopened as a brand new USPS headquarters in 1961.

In 1984, the Post Office was renamed to honor a 5th Ward native, civil rights icon, and the first southern female Black legislator in the US Congress—Barbara Jordan. The Barbara Jordan Post Office continued to serve as a hub for Houston’s mailing system for 31 years until it was decommissioned in 2015. Now owned by Lovett Commercial, POST hopes to honor Jordan’s trailblazing legacy in its new iteration, opening November 13 this year.

Inside POST

Dramatic ornamental stairwells distinguish each of the building’s three atriums into a dynamic workspace center, a premier retail destination, and an international food court. An expansive 6-acre park and garden cover the roof of the entire building, combining curated green space (reflecting native Texas agriculture) with impeccable downtown views. The produce grown on the rooftop garden will be used by the restaurants inside POST, bringing the farm-to-table concept to new heights (sorry, we had to do it). In case you weren’t impressed yet, Live Nation is bringing a special event experience to the complex with an exclusive new brand—713 Music Hall. Along with a cocktail bar and lounge, 713 Music Hall will bring incredible performances to downtown Houston. Able to hold 5,000 people with its innovative design, 713 Music Hall will be a venue to end all venues–featuring elements from the best concert halls around the world.

Common Desk is partnering with POST to provide 24,000 sq ft of coworking and flex office space in the massive building. We’re finishing out the classic (members-only shared coworking space, private offices, and move-in-ready office suites) with the new (designated day offices, meeting rooms, and chat booths accessible to the public). The Common Desk setup you know and love will be housed on the second floor, while the first floor will be public use office space, a coffee shop, and comfortable collaborative seating options that stretch all the way up the stairs. Thanks to the rooftop green space and the open stairwell with wide skylights, natural light pours in to create a lush and bright environment.

CD – POST exclusives

Lots of perks come with being a member of Common Desk – POST beyond the benefits of the building already mentioned. With our all-access philosophy, members will be able to utilize it all—the open-access space on the first floor, as well as the designated CD spaces on the others. Bottomless craft coffee, plug and play conference rooms, thoughtfully designed coworking space, chat booths, a 100-person training room, weekly community events, and a bonus Fiction Coffee espresso bar are included in the cost of a Common Desk membership. And with all of those amenities unlimited, your workday can become limitless.

For coworking fans who also need to escape to more focused solitude, Common Desk – POST will have private offices to accommodate a variety of team sizes and dynamics, as well as spec suites for growing companies needing even more space. High-end office furniture including sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs, file cabinets, and Class A finishes will come standard with each leased suite. Achieving your ideal workspace has never been easier.

Houston, we can’t wait to open our sixth space in this city! Interested to find out more about Common Desk – POST? Dive deeper on our website here and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep a pulse on the exciting updates to come!

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Common Desk isn’t just a coworking space; it’s a tight-knit community of game-changers, difference-makers, and global influencers.

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Common Desk isn’t just a coworking space; it’s a tight-knit community of game-changers, difference-makers, and global influencers.
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