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By Common Desk - January 10th, 2020

At Common Desk, we have a passion for art–specifically with using it to support another passion of ours: local. We love showcasing local artists throughout each of our spaces and believe that these unique art concepts contribute to the over-all uniqueness of each space.

Our new location, Common Desk – Downtown Dallas, is located in the heart of the Dallas Arts District, making it the perfect opportunity for us to take our love of using art to elevate space to an entirely new level. When you’re here, walking to your office almost feels more like taking a whimsical stroll through a tucked-away art gallery.

Our in-house design team joined forces with Artist Uprising to curate unique art concepts for our newest space to create a sophisticated and timeless look, while also nodding to Trammell Crow’s Asian Art Collection. With the talents of so many local artists and creatives, this location truly feels unlike any coworking space the world has seen.

In addition to showcasing local artists, we also had the privilege of showcasing some talent from within our very own Common Desk staff. Our Head of Design, Austin Gauley, is the mastermind and composer behind several of these awe-inspiring pieces. Austin describes the art concept of Common Desk – Downtown Dallas as, “Reminiscent of an art collector’s home or a well-traveled individual with nods to global aesthetics,” which pretty much hits the nail on the head. Additionally, our Head of Accounting, Austin Southerland, enlisted the talents of his wife, Shaylee Southerland, to create a remarkable macrame piece (one of my personal favorites) to liven up the 8th floor.

As you wander through the hallways of this exquisite space, you can’t help but experience the soothing sensation that typically arises as you stroll through your favorite art museum. This location is where minimalism meets refined and classic meets fashion-forward. But don’t take our word for it, scroll down to see some of the most iconic pieces of Common Desk – Downtown Dallas for yourself, and better yet, get the best view of all by coming by to see them in person!

Without further ado, we present you with the art of Common Desk – Downtown Dallas:

Geometric Mural

This mural featuring, simple minimalist shapes, was designed by our very own, Austin Gauley and painted by Michael Shellis. This piece evokes a subtle tribal feel which partners swimmingly with some of the more sophisticated aspects of the shared space to create an overall refined, yet welcoming atmosphere.

Various Macrame Tapestries

This immaculate macrame tapestry of global textiles created by Shaylee Southerland adds to the intriguing textures of the space and brings a subtle softness to the enterprise suite hallways on floor 8.

Neon Zinn

Using textiles with the jewelry subject matter while nodding to the fashion aspects of the Dallas Arts District, Seth Damm outdid himself when creating this timeless set featuring a global aesthetic.

Birds’ Heads

This colorful piece by Madgiel Lopez is a quirky and fresh interpretation of antique bird illustrations by John James Audubon. 

Trammell Crow Portrait

Featured in this iconic portrait is Trammell Crow himself! The artist, Haylee Ryashe also added his building projects in the background along with fresh color blocking. Haylee has also created art for both our West End and Addison locations.

Fashion Block Prints

Austin Gauley also created these minimalist prints with fashion subject matter to help add a pop of color-blocking to this hallway.

Brush Strokes

We like to call these whimsical features “brushstrokes of genius,” which were created by Michael Shellis. These giant brush strokes liven several of the hallways in our space and are reminiscent of Asian calligraphy (something Trammell Crow dearly admired), but applied in a large scale.

Elevator gallery

The moment you step off the elevator, your eyes meet a gallery of subject matter ranging in abstracts, line art, and bird illustrations, all which work together to give you the feeling of happening upon a beautiful art collection in someone’s home.

The next time you’re hopping around the art museums of the Dallas Arts District, be sure to stop by our newest location, pick up a warm latte from our hospitality bar, and stroll through the hallways of this two-story space as you’re transported to a hidden artist haven. I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of energy I think every workday deserves!

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