The Top Local Coffee Shops In Dallas

By Common Desk - March 9th, 2016

The Dallas coffee scene is an untapped network of creativity, community, and nationally-recognized roasters. As a Dallas transplant, the first avenue I used to learn my way around the DFW metroplex was hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop. Now, 6 months later, the local coffee shops in Dallas hold a very special place in my heart.

There’s so much more to Dallas coffee shops than just logos of green mermaids on every corner. In the heart of each district and suburb of Dallas dwells a local coffee shop run by Dallasites who are passionate about two things: serving coffee and serving people. There’s something special about finding that coffee shop that you call home– the one where the baristas recognize you upon entrance, can predict your order, and even ask you questions about your personal life while you wait for your delicious hand-crafted cup of coffee (because that’s how well they know you).

Whether you are new to Dallas or a Dallasite born and raised, you can find a local coffee shop that feels like home. You’ll get more than just delicious coffee from a visit to these local establishments– you’ll get a truly exceptional experience worth coming back for over and over again:

Oak Lawn Coffee

If you’ve ever experienced Oak Lawn Coffee, then you’ll notice their eye for art. OLC makes a point to support local artists, because the baristas are artists themselves (if you don’t believe me, ask Ben to make you siphon coffee). OLC is filled with natural light and pieces of art created by locals, which they change out on a regular basis to renew the vibes of the space. They also give 10% of their profits to local non-profit organizations in Dallas. The baristas here are so friendly that you feel like you’re seeing old friends when you step in the door. Oak Lawn Coffee will show you why “everything is better with coffee.”

Murray Street Coffee Shop

The eclectic and energetic vibe of Murray Street Coffee make it one of a kind. They created a cozy, unique space with lots of great natural light, remarkable original art, and a mid-century modern-meets-Scandinavia sensibility within the coffee shop. The upstairs loft is one of the best hideaways in town. If you’re looking for a great spot to sip good coffee and read a good book, look no further. Murray Street, more commonly called “Coffee Shop,” is the most “Deep Ellum” a coffee shop could ever be, and the locals love it for that.

The Wild Detectives

Wild Detectives is multi-faceted. It’s a bookstore, coffee shop, and event venue all rolled into one impressive establishment. The warm colors and wooden accents make Wild Detectives a pleasant get-away in the Bishop Arts District, and the strung lights and picnic tables make the outdoor seating area the perfect spot for warm summer nights. Wild Detectives strives to fill itself with the kind of culture that makes our lives rich and stimulating: books, records, shows, plays, readings… and above all, hours of conversation. You’ll notice on weekends that WD doesn’t offer Wifi; this is simply because of their passion for seeing people connect without devices in hand. So if you want a place to disconnect and find community, visit Wild Detectives.

Method Coffee

The community at Method Coffee is tightly knit. Their East Dallas space is small, and they take pride in that. The limited number of seats encourage perfect strangers to sit next to one another, and really cool conversations form naturally from there. If you’re tired of coffee by now, then try their kombucha, because it’s amazing. They’re committed to serving up great coffee all day long, and they love to rotate in different guest roasters so they can always try something new. Stop by any day of the week and ask the barista for a recommendation.

Union Coffee

The space and potential for collaboration here are noteworthy. Union has room to breathe, and the layout was created to help you get connected to people. Union hosts regular community events, which makes it easy for creatives to display their skills to the community. Union Coffee splits 10% of all coffee-related sales between two incredible charities: Capes 4 Kids and SEEK Camp. Every time you walk into Union and buy anything with coffee in it, 10% of your payment helps to fund these two fantastic organizations, so if you’re anywhere near Greenville Avenue or SMU’s East Campus, be sure to stop by.

Crooked Tree Coffeehouse

Crooked Tree is an independent neighborhood coffeehouse that operates in the historic State-Thomas district of Uptown Dallas. With open rooms, large windows, and various styles of furniture- Crooked Tree just feels like home. The atmosphere is friendly and creative, and you’ll probably notice that most of its frequenters know or recognize one another because of how often they visit. Crooked Tree feels like a small town within a coffee shop even though it’s right in the center of bustling Uptown Dallas, making it a breath of fresh air for anyone who stops by.

Pearl Cup Coffee

When you ask what your barista’s favorite drink when ordering at Pearl Cup, he or she will more than likely tell you that they have the best vanilla latte in DFW, and they aren’t lying. Their drinks are crafted with care, and the baristas are so much fun. The design of Pearl Cup is progressive, and their thoughtfulness towards the tiny details of the shop make any visit to the Richardson area a unique one. Pearl Cup Coffee loves providing a friendly and inviting atmosphere for anyone– whether you’re studying, working, hanging out with friends, or spending a quiet hour with a good book.

Bolsa Mercado

There’s an energy in Bolsa Mercado that’s noteable upon entrance. Bolsa Mercado is more than just a coffee shop; it has a stacked menu of freshly-made food items that are a perfect treat on any day. The music here is always on point, and there is room inside for anyone. Oak Cliff natives make Bolsa Mercado come alive with their friendliness, so if the menu options start to seem overwhelming, just ask someone inside what their favorite menu item is; you won’t regret it.

Drugstore Cowboy

The versatility of Drugstore Cowboy is something to be commended. In the daytime, it’s a coffee shop with cool vibes and lots of natural light, and then at night, it completely transforms into a bar that brings in local musicians for quirky events and a flat-out good time. Their menu is a continuously evolving masterpiece featuring craft coffee drinks, beer, cocktails, and gourmet breakfast and cafe items. They are the newest coffee shop on the block in Deep Ellum, but they’ve already successfully created their own unique feel and culture because of their enthusiastic and friendly baristas. Before you know it, you’ll feel like you’ve been dropping into Drugstore Cowboy for years.

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