The 22 Hottest Startups In Dallas

By Common Desk - February 16th, 2016

Dallas startups are saturating the national map with their growing success. With the highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the nation, it was only a matter of a time before Dallas began making major strides in the startup world. Dallas has a very friendly business climate, a central location, and a lower cost of living than either coast. This has been attracting very talented startup founders that are creating one of the fastest growing startup hubs anywhere. Here are 22 of the the top startups in Dallas, the hottest startup hub in the world:



Cariloop provides comprehensive services and tools that help families plan for and manage the care of aging loved ones. Using an innovative and transparent methodology, the company offers qualified health care coaches through a variety of channels and online case management tools for easy access to a complete solution.



Vignature helps you sign and return signed documents from a mobile device or computer, eliminating the need for printers, fax machines, scanners, and mail couriers. The difference between Vignature and conventional e-signature companies is that Vignature uses camera functionality to capture your image as the signer, creating a verifiable signature.



MarketChorus creates dynamic, custom audiences for online advertising, lead generation, and market research. Their Resonance Platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand people based on the content they read and share – integrating signals from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and the open web to create segments specifically tailored to a brand or interest. Because it studies entire stories being shared, Resonance creates tailored audience segments that are contextual, real-time, and platform independent. This data-driven approach enables them to reach audiences on any network while reader attention and interest are at their peak, resulting in far more effective social promotions, focused reach extension, and high refresh rates.



GruupMeet helps organizations streamline and execute meetings. While 80% of meeting planning processes are performed manually, specific aspects are more tedious and critical to the overall experience and too complex for the inbox. A meeting’s success hinges on communication. GruupMeet empowers planners to manage critical program details and communications from one comprehensive platform.

Custom automated notifications provide meeting attendees with timely and relevant program specifics on one complete itinerary, inclusive of all details. Easy access and effective collaboration eliminates guesswork and helps in managing the flow of hotel check-in and checkout.

Seamlessly search for flights, guests and see real-time updates across all of your programs. Convenient alerts and notifications keep travel directors, on-site staff, drivers, and participants informed on several types of devices so no details – or people, get lost along the way.

GruupMeet’s easy-to-use web app experience, makes adding new meetings, collaborators, attendee profiles and monitoring logistics simple. Nothing has to be installed and multiple meetings can be managed and shared simultaneously.


Koupon Media

Koupon Media enables retailers to create, manage and deliver highly targeted, hyperlocal mobile offers to individuals through sophisticated segmentation. Retailers and brands can optimize offer-to-purchase conversion specific to store locations through actionable insight along the path to purchase, from offer delivery all the way to store-specific offer redemption. Their cloud-based Koupon Manager centralizes the creation and management of offers, segmentation of consumers, setup and activation of geofencing, omnichannel delivery of mobile offers, and rich campaign performance reporting and analytics. Their One-Time Use Mobile Offers are fraud-proof, easy to use for cashiers and consumers, and require no integration with POS.



Skyrise is a communication and a concierge platform for commercial buildings. Skyrise creates a direct link between the building’s administration and any employee in the building. This enables quick, efficient communication that removes friction and creates a healthier, more transparent environment. Everyone in a building will have access to a directory of both companies and people in a building. This will be private, opt-in, and monitored by the building administrators to be sure that it is up-to-date.



Say goodbye to stressful travel. Traxo seamlessly organizes your plans and loyalty accounts for free. Powerful itinerary tracking and loyalty management technology integrates with your travel management, expense management, and corporate travel booking tools. For a superior user experience, simplified open booking and expense reporting, as well as enhanced customer service, Traxo technology has you covered.



ahoyDoc empowers small businesses to automate and optimize their inbound phone and web leads allowing them to schedule more appointments and close more sales. Ahoy Analytics allows business owners to continuously monitor and improve their inbound sales operations and reduce the time to close.


Micro Transponder

MicroTransponder is developing two neurostimulation platforms to treat several neurological disorders. One is an implanted wired neurostimulator that stimulates the vagus nerve for the treatment of tinnitus and post stroke motor rehabilitation. The second is the SAINT System, a wireless neurostimulation device for the treatment of chronic pain. Both neurostimulation platforms will be utilized in clinical trials to treat the various disorders.


Space Agent

Advertise your Airbnb, VRBO, FLipKey or HomeAway listing to interested travelers. Don’t wait for guests to find you , launch an ad in 2 minutes. With Space Agent you don’t have to wait for your listing to show up in search results. They build and run a great looking ad that will be seen by thousands of travelers interested in your destination. Your ad will be shown to a highly relevant audience of travelers interested in upcoming events, vacations or attractions in your location. They constantly optimize the targeting and spend to keep your listing above the noise. Follow your ad’s performance in real-time using their campaign dashboard. You’ll also get a weekly report showing ad views and clicks to your listing.


Music Audience Exchange

Music Audience Exchange is a content and experiential marketing platform that gives brands a scalable way to form meaningful relationships with their audiences through the power of music. The MAX technology platform leverages quantifiable data to create and distribute branded content that authentically resonates with millions of passionate music lovers.



YooLotto is a new app for lottery players. Buy your tickets, snap a pic & get personalized, real-time results delivered to your smartphone. They help you find the nearest location to claim your winnings and also send you exclusive deals from your favorite brands. Get more from your lottery tickets with second chance prizes where you could win tickets to sporting events and concerts, celebrity autographs and experiences, plus snacks and food from your favorite convenience stores.



Qwiqq is the fastest, easiest way for small business to sell socially. Create a Qwiqq post, enable PayPal, and bam. Your post is now for sale on Qwiqq and any network you share to including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, SMS, Email and Constant Contact. PayPal is integrated. In seconds, turn powerful social networks into powerful selling networks.



Yard care w/21st century convenience. On their website you can instantly get an affordable quote online with nothing but your address, no phone calls required. Their work is delivered by experienced lawn care professionals and they guarantee quality or your money back. They also offer the convenience and security of credit card payment, no more scrounging around for your checkbook or cash and wondering why you’re being billed for 5 service visits a month later. Try a new, modern approach to lawn care.



uCloud is the first platform to empower enterprises with quickly scalable, secure, multi-tenant automation across clouds of any type, for clients from any segment, across geographically dispersed data centers. It’s the IT industry’s first Software-Defined Cloud. At Connectloud, their mission is to deliver a unified cloud solution that is simple, flexible and delivers true business value. As the future takes shape, the needs of business extend far beyond singular, automated data clouds. The need now is to manage and automate across clouds.



CultureMap is a network of local lifestyle sites delivering 24/7 news and recommendations to readers every month. Their editorial teams in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston deliver consumers the very best in local intelligence, tools and services every day. Featured content includes information about restaurants, live events, real estate, arts and culture, travel, innovation and society.



At Dialexa, they design and engineer award-winning technology products across mobile, web, Internet of Things and embedded device platforms. Their customers span from venture backed startups, to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. They are headquartered in the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas.

From strategic consulting to visual and interactive design, to software and hardware development, to product and service launch planning, Dialexa loves to solve the hardest technology challenges. Dialexa believes that digital transformation is changing all industries – their projects have spanned automotive, health care, consumer goods, enterprise software, financial services, aerospace, defense, transportation, retail, technology, media and telecommunications.



Xpire is a mobile app that is the easiest way to shrink your digital footprint. The app integrates with your Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts and allows you to have full control over your online content. With Xpire you can share self-destructing posts, delete old/risky posts, calculate how much risky content you share and much more.

Xpire’s newest feature, Storyline, helps you stay up-to-date with your social feeds. Instead of spending hours scrolling through your feeds, Storyline allows you to consume quick, bite-sized social content. Once a post is viewed, it is removed from Storyline – never to be shown again. This ensures that you do not view duplicate content and allows you to reach “Social Media Zero”. Storyline’s ephemeral actions allow you to set time limits on your favorites, retweets and replies, adding an ephemeral layer to existing social networks.



At ilumi, they are transforming ordinary things into extraordinary experiences. Their series of LED smart bulbs will help everyone to tap their inner lighting designer and enjoy better lighting for better living. ilumi is a series of intelligent, customizable and energy-efficient Bluetooth-enabled LED light bulbs, which are controlled wirelessly from a mobile app for iOS and Android. ilumi offers users complete flexibility and control over their lighting without the installation of a router or hub. The company’s HyperLux LED technology allows for the brightest and most efficient multicolor light in its class.



OrderMyGear is the industry leader for online team stores and group ordering. OrderMyGear works with teams, leagues, schools, distributors, and manufacturers to streamline the process of group ordering for gear like uniforms and apparel. The first software company of its kind, it remains the benchmark for quality, customer service, and innovation in the growing sports gear industry.



Vinli brings an endless range of apps to your car, from safety to entertainment to on-board WiFi. The open road has never been this open. Vinli is the easiest, most advanced connected-car system in the world. Vinli gives a driver access to a catalogue of standard Vinli applications, plus access to any applications developed by a developer using their platform. For developers, building apps and making money has never been easier using Vinli’s hardware, cloud-based services, SDK’s and APIs.



FanPrint is a Dallas-based e-commerce site for soft-apparel, licensed by the NFL Player’s Association, NHL Player’s Association, and MLB Player’s Association. Three-time Super Bowl Champion, five-time Pro Bowler and ESPN NFL analyst, Darren Woodson, is the company’s Director of Business Development and a founding investor along with FanPrint’s CEO, TK Stohlman.

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