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By Common Desk - February 20th, 2019

If you’ve been reading our blog for the past few years, then you’ve probably read something about Artist Uprising. It’s a mission that we’re really passionate about, and it’s comprised of a team that’s near and dear to our hearts. Artist Uprising’s Founder, Merrick, used to be a Common Desk staff member, and today, we’re sharing a big update that’s going to change the way companies and artists connect in the best possible way.

Artist Uprising spends its days working to meet the needs of the ever-evolving worlds of art and business. Since its inception in 2015, Artist Uprising has launched a technology, a publication, and now a service-based agency that curates and books talent of all types for brands and organizations across the US. Artist Uprising helps corporations and nonprofits create memories using art, music, and entertainment.

Thanks To A Recent Merger, Artist Uprising Is Now A Must-Have Resource For Companies Looking To Expand Their Reach, Creatively, Authentically And In Budget.

Artist Uprising has acquired Pulley Project, a Dallas-based organization that helps corporations put their marketing dollars towards sponsoring experiential initiatives that enhance social goodness. For Artist Uprising’s CEO, Merrick Porcheddu, the synergy with Katie Stout of Pulley Project (also a former Common Desk member!) was automatic. Now, they’re the dream team the world’s been waiting on.

With the merger and all that Artist Uprising is now able to offer, companies now have a seamless way to connect with cutting-edge creatives who help elevate the organization’s brand overall – by design, through experiences, and with a purpose.

Unlike traditional talent agencies who sign “x” number of talent to their roster, Artist Uprising sources talent of many types (i.e. art, music, digital activations, experiential installations, influencers, and more) from around the world, thanks to Instagram. Artist Uprising curates creators best suited for the client’s project, specifications, and budget. Their transparent fee (20% of set budget) covers sourcing talent options, administration, legal and accounting. The agency handles each project a-la-cart, eliminating long-term commitments and keeping the focus on one project at a time.

For example– when we set out to open our new location, Common Desk – Factory Six03, in the West End, we not only wanted to just feature local art installations like we usually do, we wanted the art to tell a bigger story and truly capture our vision for this location. We used Artist Uprising to find three unbelievable Dallas-based artists to help us curate the art in our West End coworking space, and for the first time in any Common Desk location, there’s a deeper purpose and a cohesive story between all of the art in our workspace. We as a company have experienced first-hand what it means to use Artist Uprising to help us tap into talent that we could have never found on our own, and our workspace, members, and network are all the better for it.

Corporations are hiring artists to create hyper-artistic, experiential moments that draw the public to their brand. Billboards, commercials, and even mural marketing are becoming equivalent to a 2-D children’s book, while public installations, virtual reality design, and pop-up activations are magnetic for consumers. However, not every company knows where to begin. That’s where our expertise comes in.

Merrick Porcheddu, CEO & Founder

“When you begin to tell a story through live music and experiential art, you create something that no billboard or commercial can do: a memory,” Porcheddu says.

With Artist Uprising sorting through rapidly emerging or celebrity talent in all creative fields, organizations now have a one-stop-shop to discover and book some of the best talent from around the world. How amazing is that?!

Artist Uprising is on a mission to become the most trusted source for curating the freshest emerging talent in every creative industry throughout the world. From this curated roster of ever-growing brilliant connections, they promise to partner with the right brands, so that credible & dependable opportunities arise for creators in a way more accessible than ever before.

The future is all kinds of bright for Artist Uprising, and we cannot wait to see what this merger with Pulley Project does to project them into their future. If you’re in need of a strong, thoughtful connection to an artist for your next company initiative, or even if you just love keeping up with your local art scene, then follow or reach out to the boss babes at Artist Uprising.

Visit Artist Uprising to book your next creative experience!

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