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By Common Desk - January 28th, 2019

You know that feeling you have when you work so hard on something, then the day finally comes when it’s finished, and you get to look at it with total and complete satisfaction knowing all that hard work has paid off? Well, that’s exactly how we at Common Desk feel today. Why? Because our fifth coworking location in Dallas-Fort Worth and very first location in Downtown Dallas is officially OPEN!

Though we only recently announced the official news of us partnering with Granite Properties for a second location just over 3 months ago, our team has been hoping for and anticipating this location for nearly 2 years now, and we’ve been working hard for months on end to make this opening our most thoughtful, unique, and exciting one to date.

When we set out to open a location in one of the most historically rich buildings in Dallas, we knew we wanted it to be unique in every way. Each detail of this location, from the subjects in our artwork to our installments, amenities, rug selections, and seating arrangements, has been specially crafted to tell a story while inspiring new ones to take place. How’d we do this? Glad you asked!

For the artwork in this location, we partnered with our dear friends at Artist Uprisingto find 3 ridiculously talented local DFW artists who shared our passion for making the art in this location tell a bigger story– one that would tie our West End coworking space to the amazing history of both the building and neighborhood that we’d soon be operating in. We ended up finding Haylee Ryan, a muralist known for her ability to pair history with modernism, Magdiel Lopez, an unbelievably talented illustrator whose work reflects innovation and personality, and Max Kütz, whose photography can capture the essence of a human in one quick flash.

Magdiel and Max collaborated to create 3 stunning portraits (shown to the right) of four of our incredible Common Desk members to appreciate all that they bring to our community while reflecting on just how special the Common Desk member base really is. You can find these portraits hanging soon around the iconic 100-year old brick smokestack in our space!

Haylee used her love of painting historical black and white photo archives to create a mural that inspires human connectivity– one of the core aspects of Common Desk’s mission statement. Her mural (captured in the image below) perfectly marries the theme of the design of this West End coworking space: what happens when history meets the future. It also reflects the joy of togetherness in the main section of our shared space, which we felt was the perfect opening moment for anyone entering Common Desk – Factory Six03.

Common Desk – Factory Six03 also features aesthetics to help our West End member community feel right at home while they’re hard at work. From soft overhead lighting to warm exposed brick, modern light fixtures and floor lamps, colorful rugs laid thoughtfully over historic hardwood flooring, vinyl record lounge for shared moments over iconic music, and soft, comfortable seating all around. All of these pieces, no matter how big or small, were hand-picked by our in-house design team to make this space our most inviting, thoughtful, and exciting space to work from yet.

But this space is so much more than pretty artwork and fixtures. The team behind our Factory Six03 space is as intentional, welcoming, and fun-loving as they come. Megan, our Community Manager, and Jade, our Host, have poured countless hours into making sure the founding members of Common Desk – Factory Six03 feel at home immediately, connected to one another, and equipped to do their best work from our new location. Megan and Jade are a team made in heaven, and we can’t wait to watch this community grow and thrive under their leadership.

Common Desk – Factory Six03 offers 18,000 sf of coworking, with office space ranging in size from your quintessential “hot desk” shared coworking to dedicated desks, private offices for teams of 1-10, and even spec suites for teams of 18-25. We’re building our spaces to accommodate even more of a variety of industries, and the Common Desk – Factory Six03 member community is already framing up to be a special one. We have founding members who do everything from real estate to professional coaching to art curation, and we’re giddy thinking about all the memories that are going to be made here in this space.

In addition to having access to the Common Desk space, our Factory Six03 members can now fully utilize all of Factory Six03’s great spaces, like the atrium and rooftop lounge and patio called “The Stack.” Our partner, Granite Properties, worked for years to revitalize this historical building, and their hard work undoubtedly shows from the moment you set your eyes on the 7-story brick building. We love seeing the wide-eyed awe of everyone who steps into this special property, and we’re so excited to be partnering with Granite Properties to help this beautiful building come to life with community and engagement.

Factory Six03 as a building is 116 years old, and we can’t wait to tell stories of all the and memories made at Common Desk – Factory Six03 that helped add to this building’s already rich history.

Help us write the first chapter of this new page in Factory Six03’s story by coworking with us soon (everyone who tours receives a free day pass!) and/or joining us for our Grand Opening Party this Thursday night! You can find more information on Common Desk – Factory Six03 here, or RSVP for the Grand Opening party here. We can’t wait to show you our new space!

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