Austin And Dallas Are Changing The Face Of The Startup World

By Common Desk - February 9th, 2016

The business culture in Texas is one of the best in the world. Austin is currently the undisputed leader in Texas for startups, but Dallas is quickly gaining ground. ranked the US cities with the most startup activity over the last year and Austin ranked first for the amount of companies that were being created every month.

A recent report from Forbes named Austin the #1 city for tech growth. According to the study, the Austin tech scene has grown by an incredible 74 percent, more than any other major city in the United States. Austin has its own unique feel, and the startup culture in Austin reflects that of the city. Austin is always near the top of almost any of the best places to live lists with healthy and active residents, an amazing live music scene, and top schools for children. This combination of elements will continue to attract talented startup founders looking for the best possible location.

Just a three hour drive from Austin, Dallas is already one of the nation’s leading business hubs. Traditionally led by oil, gas, real estate, and banking, two dozen Fortune 500 companies call Dallas home. The Dallas tech and startup scene is relatively unknown outside of Texas, but it is really beginning to take off.

MarketWatch looked at the 100 most populous urban centers in the US and ranked them against each other using 23 different sets of statistics. The study rated regions via such metrics as the growth in a local labor force, how well publicly traded companies have been able to improve profits, the securing of patents, and even the maintenance of local vitality. When all was said and done, Dallas had the highest collective score, just ahead of San Francisco.

Texas is the best state in the nation for starting a business. Texas offers outstanding business incentives, low taxes, and top universities that supply a high end workforce. Over the last 7 years, Texas has created 1.2 million jobs, the rest of the US created 700,000, proving that Texas is one of the best places in the world for business. Austin and Dallas together are poised to create something very special in Texas.

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