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Coworking with Olivia Dorsey

 - August 3, 2022

If there’s one thing you should know about Common Desk, it’s that our people are the best thing about us. Across our ever-growing network of coworking locations, our mosaic of members–professionals of all kinds who join Common Desk and make our spaces their office HQs–are the ones who add life to what comprises our brand, and as much as we love telling the world about what makes our spaces great, we can’t do that without talking about the people who make them great. 

In this ongoing blog series, we interview and pass the mic to some of the members and businesses who make the Common Desk Community something of magic.

Meet Olivia Dorsey of XP League, hailing from Common Desk – East End Market in Raleigh, NC.

What kind of work does your team specialize in?

Youth esports; XP League is the first Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) coach-led competitive gaming league in North America for elementary, middle, and high school aged players.

Tell us more about your story. How’d you get to where you are today?

As a kid, I wasn’t that involved in games aside from playing the DS occasionally and playing the Wii with my family. When I got into high school, I got more into gaming and got my own PS4. Through playing, I learned the good and the bad sides of gaming. Fast forward to a couple of years ago, I moved here and began a job at an after-school program; I worked the afternoon shift and noticed a brand called XP League setting up on some days. When I didn’t have other tasks at hand I would offer to help set up, which led to coaching an Overwatch team for our local Triangle XP League. I quickly grew to love the values the brand represents as it provides a safe, healthy, and social space for kids with a passion for gaming. This is something I didn’t have when I was growing up, and it probably would have helped me steer clear of a lot of the toxicity I endured playing online had I had a safe and consistent community to play with. Now I work full time for XP League HQ and work some on the local level as well. I am completely behind the company vision and enjoy being a part of something that changes kids’ lives.

How did you end up at Common Desk?

As the company began to grow, we realized we needed an office space that would support our local Raleigh team and provide an environment for us to grow in. We had the opportunity to look at a few office spaces before we came to Common Desk, and our team fell in love with the open and collaborative environment of the space and the attentiveness of the staff. I quickly came to love the kind and inclusive environment that is cultivated by the staff here. I appreciate the attention to design in the space and that they made the choice to have a variety of live plants in the building.

How big is your team? Are you guys planning on expanding / hiring any time soon?

Our team in Raleigh consists of four team members right now, with our out-of-state team members visiting the office when they are able. We’re not currently hiring for any specific positions; however, we are always accepting resumes at

What would you say are the unique and defining characteristics of your company, professional style, or business model?

XP League fosters a positive social environment by having our teams in-person with a XP League coach. Our coaches are trained in cultivating healthy gaming and positive environments. Along with this, we’re teaching them life and in-game skills while giving them an experience that makes the kids feel recognized.

What stage would you say your company is currently in?

Currently, our company is in the start-up phase; however, we’re continuing to grow rapidly throughout the United States and in Canada!

In what ways do you expect your company/profession to grow in the next 5 years?

As esports continues to grow into a larger industry, we aim to become a connection to colleges and the pro scene by creating pathways for kids to pursue a career in the esports industry or become a pro player.

What problem does your business solve?

Our business creates opportunities for kids to come together in a physical space and become part of a team. This takes away the anonymity of the internet and allows kids to be in healthy environments to pursue their passion.

Lastly, what’s your favorite part about being a member of Common Desk?

Common Desk allows us to have not only an incredible private office to work from, but also multiple conference rooms to foster team meetings. The staff always go above and beyond, which makes the atmosphere of the space as a whole so amazing.

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