Coworking with Jasleen Jalwal

By Amanda Grove - July 6th, 2022

If there’s one thing you should know about Common Desk, it’s that our people are the best thing about us. Across our ever-growing network of coworking locations, our mosaic of members–professionals of all kinds who join Common Desk and make our spaces their office HQs–are the ones who add life to what comprises our brand, and as much as we love telling the world about what makes our spaces great, we can’t do that without talking about the people who make them great. 

In this ongoing blog series, we interview and pass the mic to some of the members and businesses who make the Common Desk Community something of magic.

Meet Jasleen Jalwal of Simple Focus, hailing from Common Desk – Fort Worth in Texas.

What kind of work do you specialize in?

Simple Focus designs products, websites, and experiences that people love; my primary area is web design and development.

Tell us more about your story. How’d you get to where you are today?

I grew up in Fort Worth and moved to Chicago for college. I wound up moving back a few years ago for family reasons, and just went back to work after three years off! Pre-break, I was an online marketer (aka putting ads on the internet). Now I’m a project manager for a design firm based in Memphis, TN. I became a PM because I’ve always loved being organized and on top of the details, and a large amount of my work experience translates well to my new role, so it’s been a fun transition!

How did you end up at Common Desk?

I knew I wouldn’t be able to work out of my bedroom forever! As soon as I settled on a remote position, I started looking for places to cowork. Common Desk came highly recommended and Abi (Fort Worth’s Community Manager) was so warm and welcoming on my tour. Once I had a look around, I knew I’d found the right fit.

What would you say are the unique and defining characteristics of your company, professional style, or business model?

I’m a people person, and the company I work for is very much about the people they work for as much as the work they do for them.

Going along with the above question, what would you say is the driving force behind doing what you do?


Lastly, what’s your favorite part about being a member of Common Desk?

I love that Common Desk allows me flexibility in my work routine. Having such a large space with so many workspace options keeps my day interesting—plus I get to meet lots of neat people.

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