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By Common Desk - June 6th, 2022

If there’s one thing you should know about Common Desk, it’s that our people are the best thing about us. Across our ever-growing network of coworking locations, our mosaic of members–professionals of all kinds who join Common Desk and make our spaces their office HQs–are the ones who add life to what comprises our brand, and as much as we love telling the world about what makes our spaces great, we can’t do that without talking about the people who make them great. 

In that spirit, we’re excited to bring back our monthly Community Spotlight! In this ongoing blog series, we interview and pass the mic to some of the members and businesses who make the Common Desk Community something of magic.

Stepping onto our figurative stage first is Alex Munton of Rapidan Energy, hailing from Common Desk – Post Oak in Houston, Texas.

What kind of work do you specialize in?

We provide analysis of energy markets and help companies understand the policies and risks that could affect their business decisions.

Tell us more about your story. How’d you get to where you are today?

I’ve been fascinated by the challenges the world faces when it comes to solving the big questions around energy, especially how the world can provide energy to meet humanity’s basic needs while not endangering the environment. It’s an interest that has taken me on a journey through several countries, as a student beginning in England and then moving to Australia, and then starting work as an analyst in Scotland and eventually moving to Houston, where I live and work now.

How did you end up at Common Desk?

It was so fortunate that when I needed to find somewhere to work, Common Desk was so close by. The Post Oak address is just a stone’s throw from where I live.

What would you say are the unique and defining characteristics of your company, professional style, or business model?

All companies have an identity of sorts, but Rapidan Energy has more of a personality, by which I mean there is a real strength of purpose within our team and desire to express ourselves in ways that provide the most value to our clients.

Going along with the above question, what would you say is the driving force behind doing what you do?

The realization that we are at a point of enormous historical change, and to be thinking about how things could evolve is incredibly stimulating and rewarding.

What problem does your business solve and who do you solve these problems for?

We are in the business of helping companies that participate in energy markets understand the policies and risks that could affect their business decisions.

Lastly, what’s your favorite part about being a member of Common Desk?

The facilities are excellent. The internet quality, access to conference rooms, the amenities, kitchen area, including tea and coffee facilities are all high quality. It is a fun and enjoyable place to work and that makes it productive and positive.

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