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Whether you’re isolated at home needing community or looking for your next distance-friendly office for your team, we have an intentional solution safely crafted for your needs. To learn more about Common Desk and how our spaces can help your business moving forward, book a virtual tour below.

Our mission

Common Desk’s mission is to enhance every workday by creating thoughtful moments, human connections, and a sense of belonging–for all. 

Now more than ever, we’re committed to the last part of our mission statement: for all. Before we all faced a global pandemic, there was already a loneliness epidemic. More so than ever before, people are at home, in isolation, and needing to lean on a community. Common Desk has an abundant sense of community, and we’re committed to doing all we can to find creative ways to share what we have with all who need it. 

What exactly does Common Desk offer?

Common Desk brings together the key things you experience in any given workweek– office space, coffee, events, and meeting space– and powers them with our hospitality-oriented staff and culture. Long story short, a membership or one-off reservation at Common Desk gives you a lot more than just office space.

Here’s the high-level breakdown of our token offerings:


Creating enjoyable workspaces is what we pride ourselves in. We’ve been specializing in coworking since 2012, and our growing network of flexible workspaces are as soulful as they come.
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Whether from a true brick and mortar shop or from a hospitality bar in one of our spaces, any drink from our coffee brand–Fiction Coffee–will help you escape reality.
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Planning your next team meeting? Whether you’re a group of 2 or 20 needing meeting space–we’ve got a conference room with your name on it. 
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Our spaces are flexibly designed to meet an array of event space needs. Plus, we’re pretty dang good at throwing parties. Click to learn more about our event space rentals.
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Get a taste of Common Desk with a Day Pass

Whether you’re needing to escape the home office for the day, visiting from out of town, or low-key struggling with commitment issues, we have a day pass with your name on it! Our day passes work 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday from any open Common Desk location! Scroll down to purchase a day pass for you or your team, pick the date that you want to use your day pass + the Common Desk location you desire to use it from, and you’ll be on your way to productivity in no time!

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