Common Desk's perks reach past the workspace

Common Desk is more than a network of coworking spaces. We're an Experience Provider, and we use things like a vintage airstream, craft coffee, and curated workations to help our member community truly experience and enjoy the work they do day-in and day-out.

Fiction Coffee Vintage Airstream Member Workations Beneficial Services Great Amenities LExC Network

Craft Coffee at the Office, All Day Every Day

Office coffee has a bad rep, and we want to change that. So we acquired a coffee shop, named it Fiction Coffee, and now serve amazing craft coffee out of all Common Desk locations. Members also get discounts on all drinks at Fiction's brick and mortar shops. A win for all.

Fiction Coffee

Dallas' rentable Airstream is here

We want to help professionals of all kinds enjoy their work a little more. Whether a meeting, team brainstorm, or remote work session– you can book our 1972 Airstream as the perfect way to change up work for the day! Contact to learn more.

Vintage Airstream

Work hard, Vacation harder.

Nothing says "experience" like a vacay. Common Desk plans regular workations to get our members out of the office and into a new part of the world. Our trips are all-inclusive, centered around community, and a perfect balance of productive and adventurous.

Member Workations

Making your life a little easier

We offer a wide range of services to help benefit our members' work and well-being. From providing straight-razor shaves by BladeCraft Barber Academy to giving free, in-house notary services, we're always trying to meet your needs when we can.

Beneficial Services

Our perks are like our coffee– bottomless

High-speed wifi, charging stations, chat rooms, treadmill desks, full kitchens, bottomless coffee/beer, outdoor patios, unlimited conference room usage, community events, and shared bikes are just some of the amenities all Common Desk members have access to!

Great Amenities

1 membership, 68 spaces

Not only do our members have access to multiple Common Desk spaces across DFW, they also have access to 68 top-of-the-line coworking spaces internationally. Curious to know more? Ask us about LEXC!

LExC Network
Freelancer Nonprofit Remote Team Small Business Startup Part-Timer

Freelancers are the types of individuals who want to work wherever, whenever. They’re a little more free-spirited than most professionals, thriving off the energy that comes from finding a new gig and working on various projects for various companies.The workspace of a freelancer should be just as creative, spontaneous, and dynamic as he or she is, which makes coworking and freelancing a match made in heaven.

Freelancers not only get to use coworking spaces for working purposes, but they also get to use them to land more work and explore new avenues for business. Not only do they love the flexibility of choosing their own work hours, freelancers also love having the freedom to be able to stay in and work from home when they feel like it. They do, however, need a proper place to hold meetings with clients that will give them the professionalism that their living room or favorite coffee shop can’t.

Nonprofit operators recognize the value of all-inclusive. Nonprofits know the importance of establishing genuine relationships to help their cause catch fire. Relationship-building is the core of coworking, and that core value gives nonprofits endless opportunities to form new and lasting relationships.

Nonprofits need an office space that will accommodate both their biggest and smallest needs– from storage space to suite numbers, coworking has got you covered. The space will give you a vibrant environment to meet with supporters, collaborate with co-workers, brainstorm ideas, and engage your organization with the community that lies within the space and the community that exists outside its walls.

More and more companies are beginning to mobilize their workforce, giving individuals or subgroups within the company the ability to work wherever they please. Remote teams love having the ability to be remote, but having multiple people spread out around a metroplex can make it difficult to streamline communication and maintain a sense of company culture.

Remote teams aren’t looking to find a huge office on their own, since their parent company probably already has one. Coworking then becomes a great office space solution for remote teams. They can choose the membership that works best for them month-by-month, sitting in shared area, landing a pod of dedicated desks, or moving into their own small to midsize office within the coworking space. They have access to small conference rooms for brainstorm sessions and large conference rooms for their company’s quarterly off-site meeting. Coworking spaces can also double as an event space, giving remote teams the ability to host impressive company events.

After a few solid years of extensive working hours, sleepless nights, hectic meeting schedules, and the multitasking mayhem of startup-life finally become a thing of the past, entrepreneurs generally graduate into the role of small businesses leaders. Though no longer a startup, small businesses are still growing, learning, and establishing those characteristics that set them apart from competitors, and their workspace should provide them with all of the resources they need to continue the growth they’ve worked so diligently to attain.

The workspace of a small business should match the company culture that its leaders are working hard to cultivate. Small businesses need a workspace that has just as much character as they do; if the space you’re officing in is progressive, vibrant, and connective, then the company culture you’re striving to create will gradually start to reflect that. Coworking allows your employees to establish relationships with other members, turning friendships into brand ambassadors and ambassadors into clients for your growing business. Small businesses thrive on community just as much as startups or freelancers, and coworking makes sure your business stays connected with other hard-working individuals. From personal team breakfasts to group happy hours, coworking will continually provide outlets for connectivity when your small business needs them.

When starting a company, entrepreneurs need to make sure to place themselves in an environment that will allow them to share and develop ideas, establish connections, grow relationships, and learn from other like-minded individuals, all while doing so in a stimulating environment. Entrepreneurs need a workplace that will allow them to focus for hours without interruption, but they also need a workplace that can provide them with the energy that comes from social interaction when they need it. Many startups try to begin from their home living room and start their developments in coffee shops, but time after time, they find that working from home makes them lose their drive quickly, and coffee shops aren’t conducive to the professionalism they’re trying to establish.

That’s where coworking spaces come in. Coworking gives startups an ideal place to begin their next venture. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of ideation or in Beta testing, your startup will benefit from joining the right coworking space. Coworking allows startups to connect with other types of businesses, whether that be fellow startups or more established companies with years of experience under their belts. It also gives you a network of friends to help come alongside you and test your product, give honest feedback, and provide resources that simply wouldn’t come from your living room. Also not to mention is the opportunity for brand exposure; most coworking spaces have around 100 members, all of whom are familiar with startups and are eager to support them.

Part-time professionals are the real MVPs– whether part-time because of schooling, parenting, transitioning between jobs, or simply by choice, part-timers know how to wear multiple hats with style. If there’s one thing that all part-time workers need, it’s flexibility. They’re used to working different hours than the rest, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make their dream become a reality.

The workspace of a part-time professional needs to help fuel their drive, accommodate their need for flexibility, and give them the resources that their home office doesn’t have. Coworking surrounds part-timers with fellow humans, giving them that much-needed social interaction and an awesome network of people to bounce ideas off of. With various sizes of conference rooms, month-to-month terms, a freeze account option, and even a part-time membership, coworking has what many part-timers have been needing.

01. Diverse Locations

Coworking members value flexibility, which is why we spread our coworking spaces across multiple Dallas neighborhoods. Working from home can be lonely, and coffee shops can be frustrating. Our locations ensure you get exactly what you need out of an office space.

02. Extended Culture

The culture of our community isn't limited to the walls of our spaces– it extends into both the neighborhoods where we office and to all of the places our members go. Culture is formed by people, and our people are exceptional.

03. Accommodating Memberships

Our tiers of membership are meant to meet your needs now and adapt to them as they change. Month-to-month payments means you can play musical desks as much as you want. Big company or small, we've got a match for you.

What our
members say:

Joseph Harberg Meredith Lockhart Stephany Bradford Duane Heady Samer Abousalbi
From the moment I entered, I knew I had found a business "home"! It wasn't a hodgepodge of rooms and forced-connected spaces. This place had character and warmth, well beyond the physical space. There are public desks, private chat rooms, conferences rooms, private desk areas and offices as well as great informal sitting areas and that amazing kitchen. The roll up doors and windows allow for a unique connection to one of Dallas' oldest and most beloved neighborhoods.

Joseph Harberg / NEXEN, LLC

The facilities are fantastic - conference rooms, chat rooms, full kitchen, outlets everywhere, and cell phone charging station. They truly have thought of everything! They also offer numerous ways to get connected - weekly community lunches, holiday parties, happy hours, etc. Common Desk is the BEST coworking space in the world! :)

Meredith Lockhart / Melt Goods

My network grow tenfold at Common Desk, but more importantly, so did my "friends-that-are-pretty-much-family" count. Common Desk is a community of rebels that understand hard work doesn't have to happen in a cubicle and that connections are only worthwhile if they are genuine. The amount of collaboration, innovation and strategic partnerships I've seen made, or have made myself, make Common Desk an essential component to my success.

Stephany Bradford / Credera

Location is spectacular, I walk to work. Facilities, so quirky, you have to experience it to appreciate it. Planned activities that promote collaboration. Ownership leads by example, Chief Fun Officer. Broad spectrum of tenants, I'm 59 and not the oldest in the building. Diversity– everyone is welcome.

Duane Heady

It's so much better than just working from home. I've tried other co-working spaces, and they did a poor job of making the monthly fee worth it beyond just a place to sit. I highly recommend this place to any of my friends who are looking for a good office to work from!

Samer Abousalbi / Capparsa

The Ultimate Coworking Experience

One membership, 70 spaces. Travel for work or simply need a good workcation? LEXC ensures that Common Desk members have a quality space to get work done in major cities around the world!

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