Virtual Mailboxes + Virtual Offices

Our virtual mailbox is a great way to send / receive mail with ease and convenience. If you're more of the hands-on type who likes to open their mail personally, we've got a mailbox for you. If you hate opening your own mail and want someone to do it for you, we've got a virtual mailbox for you, too. Either way, our mailing service grants you a shiny new Dallas business address that can be used both online and offline.

A few things to note

  1. Cost: $50 per month

Mailbox inquiry

The Fine Print

  • To become a virtual mailbox member, contact a staff member to express interest, and we'll have someone walk you through validation steps from there.
  • Once you've been validated and signed up for a mailbox membership, you'll receive your new Common Desk business suite number.
  • You can send and receive mail through your new Common Desk business mailing address.
  • When you use your new address, whether online or for mailing purposes, you must make sure that your custom suite number is present on the address at all times. This is vital to ensure that your mail goes where it needs to.
  • Having a mailbox membership does not get you access to our actual coworking space for working purposes. If you're interested in using the space to get work done, consider getting one of our 3 traditional memberships– mailing services are included in all of them!

Connect with Us

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