The Village at Anderson Lane

Experience remote coworking in North Austin

Say hello to our new concept, "Remote Coworking"

Allow us to introduce you to remote coworking at Common Desk: a new offering of ours that meets the needs of the typical remote professional / team. Common Desk at The Village on Anderson Lane is the first location we’ve made “remote.”

Common Desk at The Village is different than a normal Common Desk location, as it tailors to those who seek: a place to focus that cuts out the frills, high volume of community events, loud overhead music, and foot traffic of tours (as well as some of the cost for membership). The Village is not fully staffed, meaning that only The Village members can access the space day by day. Common Desk staff do routine checks, but otherwise, this location is essentially what you wish working from a coffee shop felt like if the doors were lock and key and only other professionals were there. Intrigued? Read on! Not fitting for your needs? Head to Common Desk – Anderson Lane to learn more about what a full Common Desk coworking offering looks like!

North Austin remote coworking memberships

Here are the membership offerings of Common Desk at The Village.

Shared Desk

Our remote coworking membership grants members access to this space and its amenities only, for $150 less than a shared desk from a standard Common Desk space.
6am - 10pm ยท 7 days a week
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  • Member-only access
  • No outside day pass purchases
  • Unstaffed (Common Desk staff will check the space routinely in the morning and at the end of the workday)
  • Amenities include: coffee, tea, filtered water, snacks, fruit, and unlimited conference room bookings for rooms at this location
  • Single use access to The Village location
  • Free business mailing address: mail will be sent to Common Desk – Anderson Lane and staff will deliver to The Village as it arrives
  • Free parking
Shared Desk

Convenient location

Perks of remote coworking

Outdoor patios + green spaces

For the moments when you need some workday fresh air and a change of scenery.

Freaky-fast wifi + secure network

Because everyone needs fiber.

Community + wellness events

Weekly events that are actually worth going to.

Unlimited conference room bookings

No credits needed. Our conference rooms are there when you need them!

Dedicated kitchen

Stocked with all the things.

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