A Sneak Peek of Common Desk’s First Wilmington Coworking Space

By Common Desk - September 29th, 2020

Common Desk’s first coworking location in Wilmington, North Carolina will be open before we know it! With just a few months to go until construction is finished, we want to take a beat to share how ecstatic we feel about expanding our coworking family beyond Texas for the first time.

Why Wilmington?

We love North Carolina for so many reasons. It’s a gorgeously diverse state; with a landscape ranging from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the sandy beaches of the Outer Banks, everyone can find their happy place here. As for choosing Wilmington specifically, our founder and CEO Nick Clark said it best:

“Wilmington has an entrepreneurial spirit that we love, paired with a sense of people being known for what they do after work and not necessarily what they do for work. Common Desk exists in this intersection of work and play, which is where we feel Wilmington also thrives.” 

Nick Clark

Common Desk and Wilmington speak the same language; this town’s friendly culture, rich history, and warm hospitality are right up our alley. Fun fact: One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek were both filmed here, and while we don’t necessarily plan on rowing a canoe everywhere like Katie Holmes, let’s talk about accessibility: with a walk score of 81 and a bike score of 90, it’s a cakewalk (sorry–we had to) to get where you need to go. Wilmington is teeming with life; there’s creative energy buzzing throughout the town that parallels the energy of each Common Desk location. We just know we’re going to be great together.

About the Building

We’re setting up shop inside Front Street’s iconic Gaylord Building. Dating back to 1900, the Gaylord Building is one of the oldest surviving structures in Wilmington and has housed multiple businesses throughout its lifetime. Though the building has remained empty since the 1980s, Common Desk fell in love with its story and character (read the fascinating bio here); we tied the knot earlier this year. The building pretty much speaks for itself with its charming historic brick and original architectural detail, and we can’t wait to see even more of its beauty restored!

Situated in the heart of the Central Business District, the Gaylord Building is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Cape Fear riverfront. It boasts three spacious floors decked out with original brick and iron post columns, stunning skylights, and a seriously daydream-worthy bay window. Shared coworking space, chat booths, and conference rooms will be thoughtfully placed throughout the building to provide maximum flexibility, and the first floor contains plenty of versatile elbow room to hold events and hang-outs separate from the shared desks. These features along with almost 23,000 square feet of potential make the perfect setting for authentic coworking and connection (our specialty!).

Take A Look Inside

Each Common Desk location has a personality that matches its neighborhood’s vibe, and Wilmington is no different. We’ve tapped into the distinctive culture of the town and its people to inspire our design. In classic Common Desk fashion, we’re combining elements to create something uniquely beautiful; this location exudes authenticity. With soft textures, vintage-style lighting, comfortable furniture, contrasting brick and tile work, and an unmistakable dose of historic southern charm, our Wilmington space strikes an effortless balance between modern and nostalgic. It’s warm, approachable, locally inspired, and most importantly: fun (the way we think the office should be).

Whether you’re looking for an ergonomic chair and sit-stand desk, or a cozy sectional and coffee table, we’ve got you covered. Our design team consistently blows us away with their talent and intuition for creating functional and beautiful workspaces. We are firm believers in the power of natural light and plants, so you won’t find anything fake or fluorescent here. Natural materials, muted palettes with tasteful pops of color, and textural space dividers keep things simple and stylish.

Perk Up

Membership at Common Desk – Wilmington includes all of the perks that our Texas locations enjoy. Premium amenities, available at all levels of membership, include full shared kitchens, wellness/mother rooms, private chat booths, unlimited conference room usage, and printing resources. The same goes for all-you-can-drink drip coffee, beer, and custom espresso drinks crafted by our very own Dallas-born Fiction Coffee. There is ample shared space to spread out, and we also have private offices and large suites if your team needs more privacy. You’ll always be invited to participate in our community events, and on really good days there may even be a margarita ready for you when the clock strikes 5:00 (or 3:00–who are we to judge?). Perhaps best of all: if you’re a member at one location, you’re a member at all locations. We really mean it when we say “all-inclusive.” Our friendly staff is ready and waiting to reserve a spot for you; explore your membership options here!

We cannot WAIT to show you our Wilmington space: the product of lots of dreaming, planning, and hard work. Join our email list to stay up to date on all of the opening news and details. Wilmington, here we come!

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