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What am I committing to?

To break the cycle of ironclad leases, all of our memberships are month to month. With each payment you are only agreeing to commit for another month!

Is parking free?

The simple answer: Yes. In Oak Cliff, there are free spots in front of and behind the building that are pretty much always accessible. Deep Ellum has a few caveats, though. The meters on Commerce are free on weekdays until 6PM but then start begging for quarters. When you sign up, we’ll give you a few tricks of the trade to ensure you always have a place to park!

Can I bring guests?

Any friend of yours is a friend of ours! Your guests are free to join you for meetings in our conference rooms. If a friend or colleague wants to come work for a full day, all they’ll need is a day pass! We also have a monthly bring-a-friend-to-work-day for members, so be sure to ask a staffer about it when you join!

Can I bring my dog?

We like to call ourselves "dog-tolerant." If you want to bring your pup, come by on a weekend to help them get familiar with the space (and doorbell). If they pass the weekend test, you can ask your Community Manager about our weekday dog policy!

Will I be disruptive if I talk on my cell phone?

Definitely not! When you think of a coworking space, think of a coffee shop vs a library. Everyone here spends most of their day on the phone, so we designed our space to have high ceilings with lots of white noise to ensure that you feel comfortable taking calls in the open. We also have chatrooms and conference rooms that are perfect for hopping on important calls.

Can I go back and forth between locations?

Want to start the morning in Deep Ellum and end the day in Oak Cliff? Your access card proves just the ticket! While most of our members tend to stick to their home base (we’re creatures of habit, what can we say?), sometimes it’s good to mix it up a little bit. As a member, you have complete freedom to do so!

Can I live at Common Desk?

That would be paradise, wouldn’t it? You can’t sleep here just yet, but who knows what we’ll cook up in the future! As for now, everyone (staff included) has to be out by midnight!


What should I expect on my tour?

On your tour we will show you all around the space, letting you see what a day in the life of a Common Desk member looks like. We’ll answer your questions, ask you about what you do, and help you find your ideal membership.

Okay okay, you’ve convinced me. Where do I sign up?

Whether at the end of your tour or a few days later, our staff members will be available to help you make it official. We do all of our signups in-house, so drop by the location you want to make your new home base, and a staff member will get you signed up in a matter of minutes! All new members pay a $100 sign-up fee along with their first month’s membership, followed by automatic monthly payments for as long as you decide to stay.


Can I bring outside food in for meetings?

Absolutely. And if you’re at a loss for what to bring, one of our staffers can recommend something local and delicious that will be sure to please!

At what point in the day is it acceptable to switch from coffee to beer?

A question we ask ourselves every day. A good rule of thumb is probably happy hour but hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

Do people really use the treadmill desk?

All the time! The treadmill desk is perfect for stretching stiff limbs, breaking out of creative ruts, and working off that delicious muffin your fellow member talked you into eating.

How does printing work?

Our printing memberships are an additional $5 a month which translates to 100 pages of digital printing! This subscription can be added one month and taken away the next as needed.


Can I host private events at one of your spaces?

As much as we love hosting private events, we are primarily an office space over an event space. However, that doesn't mean we don't make exceptions here and there! Rates depend on the day, length of the event, set up needs, and number of attendees. We usually only take events after 6 pm on weekdays, and occasionally we will host a weekend event. Regardless, we'd love to hear from you and see if we can accommodate your event needs. Head over to our pricing page to learn more!


Is there a signup fee?

There is a one-time $100 signup fee for any membership at any Common Desk location. This signup fee helps cover some of the initial cost of your membership, but no worries, it only hits when you first sign up. After your first month of membership, you'll be charged the regular flat rate for the membership you've subscribed to, always at the start of the month!

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