40-Desk Suite in Deep Ellum

Suite 100 is ideal for teams of 31-50 who need a mix of offices and open desks in our favorite Dallas neighborhood–Deep Ellum.

Get to know the building

Common Desk – Deep Ellum is where it all began. Our brand was born in this space, and years of community, stories, and creativity comprise these cinderblock walls. Common Desk – Deep Ellum is a retail-style building that matches the best elements of one of Dallas’ best neighborhoods–like great art, easy access, and high walkability to some of the best bites, bars, and nightlife in the city–with the professionalism your team needs out of a workspace. If you like to keep your days funky and productive, Deep Ellum is the place for you.

Suite 100 is a 40-desk suite that’s perfect for growing teams of 31-50 who need custom, flexible space. Located on the mezzanine of Common Desk – Deep Ellum, Suite 100 ensures your team’s new home feels like a Deep Ellum HQ, without the same price tag.

Suite Price and Features

Here’s the pricing breakdown for Common Desk – Deep Ellum’s enterprise suite 100.

Suite 100

Starting at $15,000/month
6-month+ lease options are available. See below for what Suite 100 has to offer.
6am - 12am · 7 days a week
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  • Private card-keyed entry
  • Flexible, rearrangeable floor plan
  • Sit/stand desks, office chairs, trash cans, and filing cabinets
  • Unlimited use of all amenities
  • Soft seating in-suite
  • Private phone booths in-suite
  • Free street parking

Prime Location

This suite is conveniently located on Commerce St. in Deep Ellum, just a quick walk from the DE action and a short drive to Downtown Dallas.

Top-shelf amenities

Take a look at the perks of working out of this Deep Ellum office suite.

Sit/stand desks

Wellness desks that sit and stand when you want them to.

Flexible floor plan

So you can make the space your own.

Unlimited conference room bookings

No credits needed. Our conference rooms are there when you need them!

Open network of locations

Our members have access to any and all Common Desk locations (the list is growing as you read this).

Bottomless craft coffee

Having our own coffee brand in-house means getting the best cup of joe while you work has never been easier.

Outdoor patios + green spaces

For the moments when you need some workday fresh air and a change of scenery.

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