We’ll be seeing you, Oak Cliff

By Common Desk - August 30th, 2019

Just over four years ago, we launched our first location outside of our original home in Deep Ellum for the very first time. It took us long months of searching and strategizing to land on the perfect building, settled within another unexpected neighborhood, that would ultimately match our alternative and hyper-local preferences for workspace. When we stumbled upon the old Lucky Dog Books building on Davis Street, we knew we’d found our spot. The space was a fixer-upper for sure, but we recognized that a growing number of freelancers, creatives, and small businesses were beginning to call Oak Cliff home, and we knew we needed to do the same.

Over the past four years, our location at Common Desk – Oak Cliff has brought us more joy than any one blog post could possibly come close to expressing. This neighborhood, this community, this culture– they’re all so special for so many reasons. Oak Cliff is a community that’s used to being a little misunderstood, that’s full of misfits like ourselves, that embraces ideas and creativity and collaboration more than most, and that’s brimming full of pride for who they are. Oak Cliff welcomed Common Desk with open arms from the beginning, and because of that, our Oak Cliff coworking community was truly as tight-knit, warm-hearted, and genuinely special as they come.

Today, we’re saying a bittersweet goodbye to Common Desk – Oak Cliff. We’re elated to have the opportunity to support another local coworking brand called Her.HQ, letting them step in to continue the legacy of strong coworking and professional community started at 633 W. Davis St. (In case you missed the big news on what we’re doing with Her.HQ, you can catch up here!)

We’re so excited to see what the team at Her.HQ accomplishes from this location, and we know that even more amazing coworking stories are going to be formed and told for years from Her.HQ’s time in our original Oak Cliff space.

We could write 5,000 blog posts on all the memories we’ve accumulated at Common Desk – Oak Cliff over these past 4 years, but we’ll keep it simple by covering some of the highlights. We don’t expect these memories to make much sense to anyone, but to Oak Cliff, all we can say is #ifyouknowyouknow:

  • Helping one another figure out how to carve turkeys at Thanksgiving potlucks
  • Neverending excitement for cocktail class
  • The mystery of the Oak Cliff cats
  • Being pranked by members and pranking back to no avail
  • Members bringing their fellow desk-mates Christmas gifts
  • Friday Community Lunches with either 2 or 10 people
  • Bolsa breakfast tacos
  • The banana incident
  • 10am beers
  • Stray animals
  • Too many people on the treadmill desk
  • Wearing costumes to work
  • Cornhole competitions
  • Midday workations to Whiskey Island
  • So.much.good.food. made by so.many.great.members.
  • Big Miss Steak
  • Green beer
  • Member workouts at Edge
  • Dirty Santa
  • French press coffee to start the morning
  • The beer window

The list really could go on forever, and if you’re an Oak Cliff member reading this with a token story to add– you know where to email us to add your memory to the list!

We’ll truly never forget our time at 633 W. Davis Street. We won’t say that this is a permanent goodbye, because if there’s one thing we’ve learned about ourselves over recent years, it’s that it’s impossible to quite predict what the heck we’re going to do next. So, who knows. Maybe we’ll end up back in Oak Cliff one day. But until then, we can’t wait to continue cheering this one-of-a-kind community on from where we go next as it continues to grow and evolve while we do, too.

Oak Cliff, from all of our staff members’ hearts– thank you. Thank you for the years of laughs, the endless surprises, the constant character, the warm embraces, the best tacos in Dallas, and the lessons we learned through your approach to human connectivity. Our brand is what it is because of the impact you had on us, and we now have friendships we’ll keep with us forever because of the amazing people you enabled us to meet.

In the words of someone on Pinterest somewhere, “This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later.”

Here’s to you, Common Desk – Oak Cliff. It’s been one heck of a joy ride.

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