Stream-less At-Home Entertainment Ideas

By Amanda Seaboch - April 9th, 2020

We’re officially through the fourth week of quarantine. If you’re anything like me, your ‘to watch’ list is quickly dwindling as is your patience to find new ways of entertainment. When you’re stuck at home, it’s easy to dive deep into the same old, same old, but thankfully your ways of entertainment won’t end at the completion of the current season you’re binging. Here are some great resources to spice up your free time in quarantine to save you time from scrolling though streaming platforms.

Broadway Shows – With the lights going out on Broadway, those lucky enough to get a ticket aren’t even able to enjoy the current shows. The amazing people at Playbill understand the need for diverse entertainment and have provided a list of some of the most popular stage productions and where to watch them. See Peter Pan fly, Mr. Mistoffelees prance, and Mrs. Lovett bake up her famous meat pies on screen without leaving your couch. Find the link here.

Opera – Looking for something a bit more sophisticated to expand your taste? The Metropolitan Opera is offering free screenings of some of their most popular operas. They have a packed schedule through April of different shows you can tune into. Mark your calendars and open a bottle of wine; it’s (almost) as good as the real thing! Find the link here.

Story Time for Kids – Enhance your little one’s day through reading! Without having to pull yourself away from your work, your children can be entertained by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars reading some of their personal favorite picture books. Storyline Online has a large archive to choose from and adds new additions weekly. Find the link here.

Live Music – Missing out on a beloved band’s concert? Billboard has your back! They have compiled a list of upcoming streamable concerts put on by various artists. The list includes who the artist is and how to be a part of the experience. They are always updating the list, so whether you’re looking for live entertainment now or later, you won’t be disappointed. Common Desk is also offering weekly live concerts through our Instagram, so go check us out! Find the Billboard link here.

Gaming – Since sports seasons have been cancelled, there’s another way to flex your competitive muscles. Esports streamings are helping fill the void by streaming gaming content you can access at home. Even pro-athletes have joined in on the fun and can occasionally be found streaming live on Twitch. Read more about the Esports and gaming world and how you can be a part of it here.

Don’t let a streaming platform run dry put a damper on potential at-home fun. New ways to stay entertained are popping up daily, and we’ll be sure to update this list as we find new ideas! At Common Desk, we’re making every effort to spice up your workday by offering a new Work From Home membership that will connect you to a community and give you even more ways to stay entertained. Staying at home doesn’t have to set you in a rut. Consider some alternative ways of fun by exploring these possibilities! 

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