Pop-Up Coworking Week! It’s Like Camping For Coworking!

By Common Desk - September 18th, 2014

Not even construction can slow coworking down; we create temporary office spaces to keep you working:

While our permanent space is in the final sledgehammer stages of expansion, we’ve set up camp around the corner at 2614 Elm (Suite 110, if you want to drop by). With all the modern conveniences and a little bit of extra fun and junk food thrown in, it’s kind of like taking the camper to the lake, only with less fishing and more coworking. And if the lake was in your backyard.

We’re calling it pop-up coworking, and the first day was a wild success, if we do say so ourselves. The house was almost full yesterday, with about 40 coworkers getting down to business, on us. We had a mixologist and plenty of beer on site for Happy Hour and partied with visitors from the Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, and the Dallas Observer who were there to meet with one of our members in the pop-up conference room. A good (and productive) time was had by all.

We’re expecting even more coworkers today and tomorrow, if Facebook promises and Twitter tags mean anything in this world, and we’re aiming to please. Get over here for lunch and we’ll treat you to a slice from Stonedeck Pizza Pub, who together with Glazed Donut Works , Get Reel Goods, and our generous proprietor, Real Estate 42, made this whole affair possible.

For the next two days, coworking is free at 2614 Elm; it’s a perfect chance to come down and see what coworking is all about. After all, if you like pop-up coworking, you’ll probably really get into the new and improved 2919 Commerce, which, starting Monday, will stretch its brand new extra-long legs.

We’ll be here at 2614 Elm today (Thursday) and tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Come on down and get a taste.


Free lunch at Stonedeck Pizza Pub


Donut Tower from Glazed Donut Works

(We’re the first to try this new concept from GDW. It’s coworking for donuts!)

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