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By Common Desk - March 4th, 2021

A lot has changed about the way we collectively work as a society since we first began navigating a pandemic together. It’s widely understood that flexibility–especially at work–has never mattered more. As a flexible office brand, we’ve been studying the ever-changing trends of how professionals like you are approaching the office while taking note of how we can best serve your ever-present need for productivity and pair it with a deeper degree of flexibility.

With this demand for enhanced flexibility in mind, we’re excited to share that we’ve created not one, but TWO new membership offerings that were thoughtfully crafted by us, for you. While many teams have been navigating what “the office” now means for them, we’ve been working hard to listen and shift in tandem with your needs. So, whether you’re a solo worker looking for an escape route from your home office without paying full price for one, or a growing team trying to balance remote work with in-person connection, you’ll find your fit at Common Desk.

New Membership #1: Shared Plus

If you’ve ever found your workspace needs split between a Shared Desk membership and an office, then this flexible offering is for you. Geared toward solo workers or small teams, our new Shared Plus membership gives you everything you’ve come to expect from a Shared Desk membership, plus the ability to reserve an available private office for the day. You can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of open space while having the option to enjoy a little more privacy for serious concentration (or a little extra social distance, because that’s now part of our vocabulary).

Shared Plus costs $350/month ($100 more than a Shared Desk membership) and gives you first-come-first-serve access to an office as needed. Need to bring a guest to crank out a brainstorm session? No worries—for the price of a day pass ($25), they can join you in the office, too. To reserve your office for the day, simply give your Community Manager a ring to see what’s available; if all the offices in the location you call home are occupied, we’ll redirect you to the nearest space! Of course, you’re always welcome to come to work as usual and check out your options then.

New Membership #2: Team Bundle

Attention, larger teams that need the utmost flexibility: we created just the solution for you. The Team Bundle is a beautiful pairing of coworking’s best perks, that, when bundled, helps your team work together as needed, no matter how unpredictable your schedule may be—oh, and it’s crazy affordable.

A Team Bundle is a monthly membership tied to your team, rather than a single person. It includes 10 day passes ($250 value) and 6 hours of conference room use ($600 value), that can be used by up to 10 people on a team at any point throughout the month. If we do the math, this membership is worth $850…but we’re giving it to you for $350.

Say, for instance, you have a team of 12, or need a few more hours of conference room use. Prior to the Team Bundle existing, you’d have to either pay our hourly conference room rental rate of $100/hour (for nonmembers) or sign up your team for some type of membership level (at least $250/person) to enjoy meeting space on a recurring basis. With the Team Bundle, all you have to do is chat with the local Community Manager at your desired Common Desk location, and we’ll get you set up with a Bundle in no time. Need a custom set of day passes or an increase in conference room hours? Have more than 10 people on your team? No worries–our community staff exist to help meet your team’s needs, creating flexible membership options to work for you, not against you. 

Honorable Mention: the Office Day Pass

We’ve offered Day Passes for our shared space since we began, but, in this time of increased mindfulness of space and safety, we want to offer a more private by-the-day option. Ergo, we’re excited to officially announce our new Office Day Pass! With dynamic pricing based on the number of people in your crew, you can rent an office for the day as easily as popping into a Common Desk location and saying “hello.” Your four walls of focused-yet-energetic workspace will come equipped with sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs, lots of outlets, noise reduction, and easy access to the rest of Common Desk so you can tap into additional perks like bottomless coffee. Solo office day-passers can take advantage of this for $50/day, while teams of two pay $40 each, and larger teams can bring up to 8 people (availability permitting) for $30/person/day.

Common Desk is here to make your quality of work-life the best it can be. Our all-inclusive business model means that with these new memberships come the perks and amenities you know and love: bottomless drip coffee, thoughtfully designed spaces, lightning-fast wifi, dedicated staff, and usually a beer as you wrap up your day. Whether you’re here for a short time or the long haul, Common Desk has a crafted solution for you. Interested in exploring our other offerings? You can head here to take a look at every level of workspace solutions we have in our wheelhouse. Ready to learn more? Book a tour of your desired location, and we’ll get you the details you need and the space you desire faster than you can say, “Count me in.”

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