We've Got Some Changes Coming in 2016!

Coworking amenities vary depending on the space. Our Dallas coworking amenities include everything from ping pong boardrooms to charging stations and treadmill desks; now, we've got a few new additions to add to the list:

Over the holiday season, Common Desk Deep Ellum surprised its members with 2 new chat rooms and an additional front bathroom in the space.

As the Deep Ellum member population has grown, so has the need for greater access to certain amenities - like chat rooms where members can hold shorter, private conversations, as well as for more bathrooms in the space. Thanks to our friends over at 44Build, we were able to make all of these additions happen with efficiency and style.

The new chat rooms have much more space than the original single chat room (which is still available for use), having the ability to fit 2 people comfortably. The new chat rooms now give members various designated areas for those sudden moments when they need to take an unexpected business call, have a quick brainstorming session with a team member, or Facetime with their company remotely.

We also added a new bathroom next to the other single bathroom at the front of the space, in what used to be the front desk area. The new stall is more spacious and more private and adds another facility for male and female members.

The front desk will now be located on the front wall, making the staff more accessible to everyone.

Arturo Torres, an original Common Desk member, early staffer, and now nationally-recognized artist, was commissioned to paint the artwork present in the new chat rooms, which showcases 2 familiar faces to the Deep Ellum neighborhood.

The combination of Arturo’s paintings and Joonbug’s recent mural gives the Deep Ellum space even more vibrance and color.

Common Desk members have expressed excitement and gratitude about all of the new additions, and we’re excited for what the new year holds for our community!

written by Common Desk

Common Desk opened in the fall of 2012 with a vision to redefine the way Dallas perceived a workspace. By creating a stimulating environment for both Dallas’ suit and tie professionals and artistic freelancers, the Common Desk community gained strength through the diversity of its shared office spaces. Today, hundreds of companies call Common Desk home.

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