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Member Highlight: Dallas Nonprofits

Our members and alumni do some pretty amazing things– especially our nonprofit members. They’re the ones who work full-time jobs yet choose to work on the side to fight for causes and pour into the missions they stand for. They’re passionate about people, connectivity, and serving others. They’re selfless and opportunity-oriented, and they have huge hearts for big causes. Nonprofit organizations are near and dear to our hearts, and the following 5 are doing big things around Dallas, North Texas, and the globe.

Discover the good being done because of these 5 Dallas nonprofits:


Retreet meets needs that not many people realize exist after natural disasters strike. They do this by replanting trees and providing relief to urban forests that are significantly damaged during natural disasters. Trees do more for communities than adding foliage: trees provide us with oxygen, food, shelter, medicine, and tools. They also increase property values, promote health, conserve energy, reduce storm damage, and save water.

When an urban forest is hit by disaster, a professional, coordinated response is needed. Re-planting trees isn’t the first response (or thought) for most people after a natural disaster hits, and that’s where Retreet and its volunteers come into play. Planting trees is a practical, effective, and unique way for volunteers to help a community rebuild; Retreet organizes teams, gathers supplies, creates community events, and rounds up cyclists– all in one weekend, and all for the purpose of planting powerful symbols of hope that will impact the urban environment for generations to come.

Get involved:

There are numerous ways to volunteer with Retreet– from writing thank you notes to packing up your bike and belongings to hit the road with them for a weekend. If getting your hands dirty isn’t your thing, you can always donate or sponsor, help coordinate events, or be a business collaborator!


1.7 million children in America have a parent serving a sentence in prison, and half are under the age of 10. Most parents are incarcerated 100 miles from their prior residence, making it nearly impossible for their children to visit.

GEM stands for Girls Embracing Mothers, and it’s an organization that provides young girls K-12 a way to stay connected with their incarcerated mothers. GEM’s mission is “For girls with incarcerated mothers to fulfill the meaning of their own creation by using their stumbling blocks as stepping stones for a brighter tomorrow” in hopes to “empower girls in grades K-12 with mothers in prison to break the cycle of incarceration and lead successful lives with vision and purpose.”

GEM has two different programs: the Pearl and the Diamond. These exist to give GEM girls the following: Transportation– so young girls can experience longer visitation hours with their mothers in prison. Life skills– to provide the practical knowledge their mothers are unable to pass down to them due to separation. Support– so that these girls know that they are not alone, and that there is a bright hope for each one of their futures.

Get involved:

You can support GEM through giving or volunteering. Their volunteer program is vital to their success! Volunteers are able to help with a variety of activities including but not limited to special events, administrative and service projects, and curriculum facilitation. Interested in learning more? Contact!

2nd Saturday

2ndSaturday is a grassroots movement that exists to Reach Lives, Restore Hope, and Redeem Communities based in Dallas, TX. They partner with those on the margins of poverty to forever change individuals, families and neighborhoods across the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.

It all started on a simple Saturday in 2009 when families met to repair a West Dallas resident’s home. Then, month by month, people began inviting other people, and before they knew it, a movement had started. Now, 2ndSaturday is a continuous opportunity for hundreds of Dallas residents, businesses, and churches to make an impact on the lives of those in Dallas’ poorest communities.

2S intentionally partners with other nonprofits to serve the long-term efforts of the community. 2S serves the disabled and senior citizens of Dallas, because they recognize that these people are pillars of the community. The second part of 2S, called 2S Industries, was developed to bridge the gap between men with criminal records and society by providing them with work and job opportunities that they easily would not have had otherwise, based on their life circumstances.

Get involved:

The first way you can dive into the 2S mission is by joining them on the morning of the Second Saturday of each month to meet needs in impoverished Dallas communities. You, your family, friends, and company are all welcome to volunteer! If you have skillsets in the realms of construction, lawn care, project management, marketing/finance, IT, non-profits, or simply just have a heart for service and want to use it, then you’re qualified to lead! Contact to learn more. And if none of these work for you, you can always partner– all donations received by 2S go directly to the mission!

Ten for 10 | Water for Africa

Did you know that 783 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water? Something as simple as clean water not only hydrates but also decreases water-related diseases, increases access to education, and allows better sanitation all around. Every realm of our society relies on clean water, and it’s mind-blowing to think that so many people groups don’t have that luxury.

This is where Ten for 10 steps in. Ten for 10 is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 that strives to create ways for everyone to have their basic human right to clean water. They firmly believe that having clean water shouldn’t be based on geographical location (and we couldn’t agree more). They use transparency, comprehensive water solutions, equality, and strategic partnerships to maximize their impact and bring water to those dying to have it.

Get involved:

You can help the world have access to clean water. Join their $10 for 10 Months campaign, which simply means committing to donate $10 every month for 10 months. When you think about it, donating $10 is as easy as saying "better not" to 2 Velvet Tacos a month. Why choose water? Every dollar invested in clean water and sanitation brings $8 in economic return, and investing in water helps prevent 1.4 million water-related deaths in children every year.

Our Calling

10,000+ people experienced homelessness in Dallas county last year. That’s a 5 digit number. Dallas county can only offer 2,500 shelter beds, which means that 7,500 people (¾ of the homeless population) are without shelter in Dallas at any given point. OurCalling is a faith-based organization that believes everyone should have the opportunity to encounter a healthy and productive lifestyle.

OurCalling wants everyone to see the chains that lead to homelessness broken. With your help and support, a sustainable lifestyle is within reach for everyone. OurCalling’s vision is to help people discover the reasons for their condition of homelessness and know that there are, in fact, emotional and material resources that exist to help them live beyond their challenges.

OurCalling is making a difference through these programs:

The OurCalling app: Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can download the app to let OurCalling know when and where you encountered a homeless individual. Logging this encounter helps OurCalling volunteers know exactly where they can go to meet these individuals and their needs.

The Homeless Directory: OurCalling created a directory of shelters, kitchens, clinics, and more where those without means can get the food, shelter, and medical care they need to step out of a state of emergency and into a place of safety. The directory is available digitally at and through the OurCalling app, and can be ordered as a printed booklet for distribution. Events: OurCalling hosts daily events to give anyone and everyone a way to volunteer, and most importantly, to continuously meet the needs of the homeless in Dallas.

Get involved:

You can join the mission of OurCalling by downloading their app, purchasing a homeless directory to keep in your car or purse for future interactions, or volunteer through one of their events.

Dallas is a city that values nonprofits, which means that there are endless opportunities within the city to get involved and make a difference. These nonprofits are just 5 of the nonprofit organizations in Dallas (and nonprofit members within Common Desk). Whether you join these specific causes or not, we encourage you to find a local nonprofit to start getting involved with– we promise you won’t regret it!

written by Common Desk

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