Common Desk Bought a Gym! Meet Social Mechanics

We have some exciting news! Common Desk officially owns its very own fitness brand, The Gym of Social Mechanics, and we're pumped to share the DL about how we'll be incorporating this Dallas-born fitness concept into our everyday workspace amenities.

You're probably wondering, "Why the heck would a coworking brand buy its own fitness brand?" Glad you asked! For the past (almost) 6 years, Common Desk has been on a mission to give professionals of all kinds the best experience at work that they could possibly have. Coworking has always been our primary way of providing unmatched workday experiences, but the way we encounter the work that we do is constantly changing; because of this, professionals are starting to desire more out of their office environments.

Last Fall, we acquired a local Dallas coffee provider and rebranded it to be Fiction Coffee. Now, there's both a flagship Fiction Coffee shop servicing Dallasites of all kinds and Fiction craft coffee stations in our coworking spaces like Common Desk - Deep Ellum that bring amazing coffee experiences through Fiction's custom menu and seasonal drinks.

Today, we not only have a coffee brand, but we also have a fitness brand to add to our ever-growing and completely-exciting portfolio of "workday brands;" how exciting is that?!

When it comes down to it, Common Desk is focused on being an experience provider, striving to improve productivity at work as well as each of our member’s well-being. Our newest acquisition of Social Mechanics will help create a well-rounded experience in our members’ workweek.

We’re continuing to find new ways to expand the offering for our members and make the locations we serve more engaging across the board. The Social Mechanics brand aligns well with Common Desk on all fronts, so acquiring it was a natural fit.

Nick Clark, CEO and Founder of Common Desk

The Gym of Social Mechanics, located in East Dallas on Lower Greenville, uses a functional strength and conditioning program, incorporating foundational lifts, body weight movements, yoga, and cardio to make its visitors feel better, no matter what their bodies demand.

Cristen Trousdale founded Social Mechanics back in 2012 with a passion for building community around a fun fitness environment, and she continues to be the backbone of the original Social Mechanics location; her members even wear shirts that read, “Body by Cristen,” because that's how loved and awesome she is! Cristen will stay on staff as the General Manager of Social Mechanics and will help the Common Desk staff A) get in shape and B) grow and fit the Social Mechanics brand into Common Desk's ever-evolving shared office offerings.

Social Mechanics' Greenville Ave location will get a slight makeover under our new ownership, but apart from tiny aesthetic changings, the gym will continue to offer the same level of service and programming that the East Dallas community already knows and loves.

And the best part? Common Desk members will get to enjoy both discounted monthly memberships and drop-in rates to Social Mechanics. Working out just got a whole lot easier (and more fun)!

We’ll begin incorporating Social Mechanics into our future expansion plan, which means that the Social Mechanics brand will soon accompany Common Desk and Fiction Coffee in a few of our new locations, bringing functional fitness, yoga, spin and other wellness classes to all occupants of the buildings Common Desk will be servicing. This fitness offering will now give landlords a choice to either build out a full-service gym or simply provide a curriculum of wellness classes to its tenants.

We think that everyone deserves to experience the work they do, the coffee they sip, and the workouts they attempt, day-in and day-out. Because of this, we're continuing to build upon our portfolio of workday brands that are focused on enhancing every workday in office environments, driven by the southern hospitality we love.

We're beyond excited to have The Gym of Social Mechanics as an official part of the Common Desk family, and we can't wait for all that the future has in store for this beautiful partnership.

Whether you're a Common Desk member or not, if you haven't been to Fiction or Social Mechanics yet, be sure to swing by either or both brick and mortar spaces; we promise you won't regret it! Social Mechanics is open daily, offering instructor-led classes throughout the day and open gym once a week. Fiction Coffee is also open daily, serving up non-pretentious but absolutely delicious coffee and tea from 6-6.

So, who's ready to break a sweat? We'll see you at the gym!

written by Common Desk

Common Desk opened in the fall of 2012 with a vision to redefine the way Dallas perceived a workspace. By creating a stimulating environment for both Dallas’ suit and tie professionals and artistic freelancers, the Common Desk community gained strength through the diversity of its shared office spaces. Today, hundreds of companies call Common Desk home.

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