Common Desk Fair Day

By Common Desk - October 21st, 2017

Common Desk’s longest-standing community tradition is its annual member trip to the Texas State Fair. Here’s a photo recap of our best Common Desk Fair Day yet!

Common Desk members and staff had a blast on the best ride in the fair (the Pirate Ship, obviously).

Corny dogs, anyone?

Spotted: Common Desk CEO & Marketing Coordinator. #lookmah #nohands

New member, Alex, and new staffer, Alaethea, are officially State Fair of Texas experts. Need a fair guide next year? Hit us up.

Fair Day wouldn’t be Fair Day without a classic potato sack slide competition. Spotted: Julio beating Katy (but Katy’s clearly not mad about it).

Shoutout to all of our members and staffers who made Fair Day 2016 a noteworthy day! (and thanks to Nick Clark for being the ultimate Fair Guide).

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