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Brent Gette: Software Provider and BBQ Connoisseur

Meet Brent Gette. Common Desk coworking member, software provider, Experion employeee, and occasional BBQ connoisseur.

Who are you and what are you up to?

Experion handles custom software development, with a focus on mobile development. While our headquarters are based in Trivandrum, India we conduct business all over the world. We recently took on a large project in Australia, and have multiple US based projects running.

What’s your story?

Experion was founded 10 years ago, and we have been growing ever since.

How is it going?

It’s been growing steadily since I joined, looking forward to some new large acquisitions in 2016.

What are your biggest challenges?

One of our biggest challenges is overcoming the stereotyping that comes with off-shore teams. Many people have had experiences with off-shore teams, lots of them have not been positive. Overcoming other teams mistakes is something that I have to deal with everyday. Communication is paramount to us, and we take a little extra time in the planning stage to fully understand how we can help with your project. If we can’t we aren’t afraid to tell you that we can’t help!

What are the two most valuable things you have learned since starting your business?

Say no. In business development that can be very hard. If we aren’t the right fit it is better to not be able to help a client than to potentially hurt them. Listen — We all think we know our fields pretty well, often times technology is about adapting to the needs of your clients. If you take some time to listen, they will tell you what they are looking for.

What’s your favorite part of your work?

I love to work with my clients, becoming an extension of their team. Most of my work is with start-ups to young companies. So getting to be involved in the early stage and planning is always a rush. Helping to shape the choices companies make that will make them successful as they grow is always an interesting proposition.

What is the most time-consuming part of your work?

New business development. I mean who likes to cold call? Getting through to the right person and having them be in a position to work with you. Some days it feels like I am pushing a boulder up a hill.

Do you get much free time? How do you spend it?

In my free time I love to play hockey and cook. Thanks to the support from Common Desk my newest hobby has become a reality. Competition BBQ cooking! I recently founded a team with a few of my friends we are going to do a few competition cook-offs this year and see how it goes!

Where are you going from here?

As we grow our company in the Texas market, I am hoping to bring on a few more business development professionals to give us a greater market reach in Dallas.

Where are you going from here?

As we grow our company in the Texas market, I am hoping to bring on a few more business development professionals to give us a greater market reach in Dallas.

What is the impact of your business/ industry on your local community? On society?

On a community level we are helping budding business people to create their dreams. By giving them an affordable technical team, we empower our clients to make Dallas better through technology.

Why did you decide to office at Common Desk?

Why not? It's the best atmosphere in Dallas. All kinds of creative folks, and everyone is so warm and welcoming!

written by Common Desk

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