Benefits and Features of a Common Desk Team Suite

By Common Desk - February 12th, 2021

Our bread-and-butter, OG coworking membership at Common Desk is the Shared Desk, which may bring to mind the quintessential image of large desks, communal amenities, and conference rooms. We love it for its camaraderie, flexibility, and open-air freedom—but we’re just as passionate about our other membership options that offer the same flexibility with a bit more privacy: variable offices and large team suites with abundant resources to meet every need of your company. With many team structures evolving and working differently these days, we’ve come to love what our team suites offer even more than before. And with that, allow us to introduce you to: the Common Desk suite.

What exactly is a suite?

Suites are to coworking as box seats are to sports: you’ve got a great seat for the game with a designated space for your group. Along with getting the full run of Common Desk, a team suite offers a private, customizable, and turn-key workspace for your team to call its own. So if someone on your team needs to have some heads-down time in a quiet office to knock out emails, take a department brainstorm session in a dedicated conference room, and then finish the day in the bullpen with the crew (and a beer in hand, perhaps), then a suite just might be the solution your company’s been searching for.

Hospitality suites vary by location, but some common amenities include in-suite conference rooms, sit-stand desks with ergonomic chairs, kitchenette break areas, and soft seating for welcoming clients (or a lunchtime nap—we won’t judge). A combination of small private offices with a large central space creates endless options for your team to work exactly the way you want and need—as if we designed it with you in mind (spoiler: we did).

What’s different about the suites at Common Desk?

Traditional office buildings typically have standard lease terms of 3-5 years, which doesn’t always work for growing teams. Not to mention, you usually end up with some empty rooms that you have to furnish, clean, and maintain by yourself (or pay a pretty penny to have someone else do it).

Inside the suite, Common Desk’s team suite members get to enjoy a fully-furnished space with top-of-the-line VariDesks and chairs that give you maximum comfort and flexibility while you tackle your tasks. Keep team snacks and drinks just steps away in your private kitchenette and make maintaining company culture a breeze. Outside of the suite, you still get the unique, all-access perks that our shared desk and office members enjoy—think bottomless drip coffee, unlimited conference room usage, a large shared kitchen, thoughtful design, wide open (desk) spaces, and dedicated staff to accommodate you and your clients and guests.  

Needing storage to call your own? Our suites have that covered, too. Some suites even come with a built-in conference room for your team to exclusively call its own, so if you’re a meeting- or brainstorm-heavy crew, you have a dedicated meeting space to accommodate your busy calendar. There’s no need to pay for a cleaning crew or have a dreaded office dishwashing policy; Common Desk takes care of everything to make your suite experience, dare we say, sweet.

While you’re headquartered in your private suite, you can step out at any time to chat with your office and shared desk neighbors and utilize the network of amazing coworkers all around the space. 

“For us, it’s nice to be around other companies that are either startups or smaller companies because 1, that’s our client base, and 2, it’s just a good place to go to exchange ideas. . . On a more practical level, we don’t have a really large team, especially now with people working out of the house a lot, but it’s good to have a place to come and have conference rooms, a central place for us to meet with ourselves and clients.”

John Cornelius, Founder & CEO of Wide Open Tech

The team suite in action

One of our favorite things about doing what we do is getting to see our members grow and be successful. One such example is long-time CD member, Embark. Embark is a financial advisory consulting firm that has truly grown in step with our original Deep Ellum location in Dallas, Texas. 

Embark started with one person, Paul Allen; he dreamed of building a consulting firm from the ground up, and he found the flexibility he needed at Common Desk. After joining the community at our Deep Ellum location in 2013 as a shared desk member, his team grew to four people who enjoyed collaborating in the shared space. A year later, Embark had eight employees and moved into a spacious private office. Fast forward to today, and Embark is now comprised of 170 people across seven markets, headquartered in a large, open-air team suite at the same Deep Ellum location they started in. Embark employees can work as they need on a day-to-day basis while having a consistent home base to return to and connect with their team members. Check out the video below to hear Embark’s Operating Director, Hannah Thomas, describe how a team suite at Common Desk helps the company operate at its best every day.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Common Desk can meet your team’s needs and help your business flourish, visit our Enterprise Suites page on our website, or reach out to us directly to get more information. We exist to make your days better—because what you do matters, and we want to help you have fun while you do it.

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